Liam Hemsworth Wants "Clean Break" From Miley Cyrus; Stars Now "More Like Roommates"

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Miley Cyrus' engagement to Liam Hemsworth may be nearing an end. The actor reportedly plans to make a "clean break" from the racy singer soon.

According to a source close to Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus Twerking up a storm at the VMAs was the last straw, straining an already tenuous relationship.

Liam, sources say, is now "just weeks away from calling it off permanently."

"He is over her and wants to make a clean break. No more back and forth."

It's unclear when exactly Hemsworth will dump her or why he hasn't done so already if he's so over her, but he is said to have found Cyrus' VMA antics "mortifying."

The couple has reportedly been "on and off" in recent months.

When they reunited on the red carpet on Thursday, August 8, the pair "acted as if they were strangers," a source said at the time, and it's no better at home.

At present, the pair still reside together at Miles' home in L.A.'s Toluca Lake, but the pair are "more like roommates than lovers," another source notes.

"They're not even sleeping in the same room," the source said.

Will Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth last?


So he is scheduling breakup like a dental appointment? This story is lame!


Is he scheduling the breakup like a dental appointment? This story is simply other words US doesn't have a clue.


Do you think Miley didn't know what the outcome of this relationship would be before she did the performance? She is giving him a way out. Way to go Miley. I would think you need a strong person to back you up in show business - he hasn't left yet. Miley will be a star even more in the future. She has just taken the first big step that will be remembered. How does Liam's future look?

@ +nicky

I'm thinking, the only thing that may be true is yes... She's giving him a way out! Need a strong person? No- she needs a person just like Her -maybe Justin B. or any given rapper. No one that sees a relationship as having value is going to go along with her shit. Star in the future? She is a small fish in a big pond. She can't sing, can't dance and can't act. Longevity is not in the cards not to mention the fact that child stars seldom crossover. The only reason she is still a topic is because people don't know what to make of her, kind of like a car wreck, you can't turn your head. So- the business is watered down and it's slow. Slow for many. Miley has peeked, she wants to attract the hip hop crowd and it ain't happening. VMA shock affect! It bored most to death. America doesn't want shock- it wants talent and she doesn't have it. Little Fish, Big Pond.

Shirley johnson

my stepmother just got a six-month old Infiniti G Coupe only from working part time off a home pc... great post to read

@ Shirley Johnson

You don't think Miley is a strong person? She has been in or around show biz for a long time - she knows what it takes. If you consider where she went on the ratings before the VMA, how can you call her a has- been. This kid has more $s than you and I will ever see. Everybody in that business is a small fish in a big pond at one time or another - again consider her ratings lately. Many children have crossed over into the adult world of entertaining. Did you say can't dance; can't sing? Where have you been? Disney thought she had something. Believe she did some of her shocking numbers with the hip hop crowd. Her latest album and some of the songs from it made history lately. Don't know where you get your info, but look again. Many don't like her; many do. Don't see the little fish/pond thingy. Didn't Liam's latest movie flop?

@ Shirley Johnson

Your on Crack!!! What a SCAM

@ Michael

It is not about small fish or movie flop it is about how you respect with your partner. If not why bother getting engaged in the first place. If you want to go ahead to be famous you don't need anyone with you. Just go and get the shit and see how long it will last. If it does last then giving another decade I don't think she will have any good man with her to grow old with, a bit like Madona, she might be the most famous person on the show biz but she can't have anyone but to just keep paying for toyboy to be with her to make her thinks that she is still young... Such a sad example and now others are following her footstep.


Liam,u r too good for that slut...


liam, go get yourself a real classy lady. she is such a slut. not fit to be your wife so get out while you can.


He must be a man and decide whether he wants her to be his wife or not.


Unless this came directly from Liam's mouth, which it didn't, I ain't buying it. Stop reporting BS.


yes dump her! she is not A lady!


The thing is that it's not the first time that liam and her are in trouble. They've already broke up so many times u know...

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