Liam Hemsworth Walks Red Carpet, Remains Mum on Miley

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Liam Hemsworth walked his first red carpet this week since splitting from Miley Cyrus.

Looking dapper in a dark suit, the Australian actor was on hand to celebrate the Hugo Boss flagship store opening at Columbus Circle because… why not, we guess.

But while Hemsworth shined in a three-piece ensemble that included a gray, striped shirt and black tie, the real focus was less on what the star was wearing and more on who was NOT by his side.

Eiza Gonzalez was nowhere to be found at the event, despite the pair's public games of tonsil hockey all last week.

Granted, the 23-year old actress is busying doing promotion in Mexico City, but the longer these two go without acknowledging their romance, the more we'll be forced to speculate on their status.

And that's no fun for anyone. Okay, it's a little fun for us.


Think it's called a one night stand or two or three. Why would he go back in the fire after getting public ally burned. That said there probably is a grain of truth in the cheating stories. He's 23 freakin years old...too young to be tied down.


Liam (Cheating Playboy) meets Gonzalez (Mexicana one night stand HO) great examples for all our future kids. “People slam Miley for dancing, posing sexy etc” but accept Liam who met this girl one night, they flirt over drinks. He takes her back to his place to have sex (first night they meet) then delivers her luggage in the morning. (s*** or should I type it in Spanish P***) either way you get it! Obviously, she is a pretty girl with a nice body only hick up is she has no brains. Any guy would pump her like Liam on the first night BUT is she really that stupid not to know “if you cheated with him, honey he has a wandering eye that’s why he got DUMPED by MILEY he’s gonna do it to you. You’re only after the attention to get a name for yourself. It can’t be HANNA only one and that will always be MILEY!!! Here you can keep this name Gonzalez (Mexicana one night stand HO). MILEY YOU DID GOOD CLEARING OUT THE GARBAGE AND LOVE THE BRAINS OF PLANNING IT OUT NO KIDDING YOUR WORTH 150 MILLION AT AGE 20!!!!! 

@ Yanno

Well, we don't know what really went on but it seemed to conveniently coincide with his sudden break-up act.They were over months ago but they didn't bother to officially announce it.


she needs a serious one......................
(he is still in puberty)


I would also be mum. Why would he ever want to recap his relationship with her? The only thing worse than living it is reliving it.


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