Liam Hemsworth to Dump Miley Cyrus Over Twerk Gate?

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Nearly all parties have been heard from in regard to Miley Cyrus' Video Music Awards routine.

The singer thinks she made history. Miley's manager has labeled the routine an epic win. Dr. Laura believes Cyrus is a dirty whore and some have leveled accusations of racism against the 20-year old.

Liam Hemsworth with Scruff
Miley Tongue Shot

But what about Liam Hemsworth? How did he react to his fiancee Twerking all up on Robin Thicke?

“The VMAs is the straw that will break him,” a source tells Life & Style. “He wants out of the relationship.”

Hemsworth, of course, is building a very nice film career for himself, most notably as a key member of The Hunger Games cast. Might Miley's antics be bad for business?

“All of his family and management are begging him to break it off and publicly move on," the insider adds.

The couple has scarcely been seen together over the past few months, but Liam is shooting movies and Cyrus is promoting her upcoming album/using a foam finger as a penis. Both could simply be busy. There may be no tension at all between boyfriend and girlfriend.

But SHOULD there be? You tell us: Should Liam dump Miley following her racy VMA performance?

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i don't even know what to say, this is much for i've seen enuf, the comments say it all..sorry love you but you have most def ' gone to far


Miley keep your stupid tongue in your mouth, you look so stupid. Do you hang it out all the time like a fly strip in a barn to catch flies or something?

@ Meow+Girl

Leave Miley alone so what she made a mistake who fucking care everyone does fucking get over it and move the fuck on come on tell me u have never made a mistake

@ Meow+Girl

You calling her stupid without putting your picture or real name makes it so nobody can actually hurt you back. Its a childs move. She is young and probably unsure of what to do or how to say no to some of what her manager tells her she is doing. She may not be like this at all, you just do not know unless you talk to her directly and get the truth about every aspect of her life.


Well to be honest, its all just a big joke, and the idiots are eating it up. What gets you attention these days? NEGATIVE attention. From the kids at school who throw paper balls at a boy/girl they like to the stars in Hollywood. What she's doing is no different than the jerk kid you still remember who hurt your feelings in the 3rd grade. Tell me, reader, do you remember wounds of the past more or good things that someone did to you? I'm sure its the 'wounds'
People still talk about Britney and Madonna's lesbian kiss and that was in 1999!
And this Miley stint is giong to be remembered until 2040! She won and you all are feeding into her bad-girl behavior. Th more you all get offensive, the badder she'll be.


Liam should def move on she's become a SKANK! Miley, here's a Nickle go buy some CLASS!




It's none of our business but I think Liam should drop Cyrus altogether. She obviously is more interested in publicity than he is and if I were him, I would be ashamed to admit I knew her---much less be with her. She showed herself to be a vulgar person.


I am not shocked at her performance at all. She's always trying to get attention. And to her,bad attention is better than none. Yes she's a " grown up" and it's the MTV music video awards but I just can't believe it. I mean she use to be a Disney star. A lot of little girls admire and look up to her. I feel like she could have shown she was a grown up in a more classy way. She took it to far... Way to far. And I know I don't have to watch it am blah blah blah but I use to enjoy watching them. Now you can't turn the tv on with out someone being outrageous. It's sad.


I liked her a lot more, before she started trying so hard to prove how "grown-up" she is. Grown up? She's acting less like a mature adult, now, than when she was portraying Hannah Montana and has become a poor role model, for her many young fans. Not to mention - why does she constantly have her tongue hanging out of her mouth? It's disgusting and her friend, Kelly Osborne, even remarked about it, on her show "Fashion Police". What a shame..... she's slowly turning herself into a joke.


Its alarming to me tht the younger crowd thinks everyone should get over it. What she did and how she did it was way over the top. Any other performer who does it like tht is over the top as well. Before you know it ppl will just be fucking on stage and telling us to get over it...YOU NEED SOME SELF RESPECT AND RESPECT FOR OTHERS


Queen of Poland. Your name is quite fitting. Don't watch it on MTV? Um I've seen it everywhere EXCEPT on MTV. This isn't high school? Yet these adults run around television acting like a bunch of horny 15 year old teenagers. Nobody cares if it's "spiritual hour" We just want some F**king normalcy coming out of television for a change... erm. Well I guess I can't speak for everyone or you "QueenofPoland" You obviously enjoy the raunchy. smfh

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