LeAnn Rimes Twitter Rant: Star Slams Brandi Glanville For Kind of No Reason

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LeAnn Rimes is unable to let her feud with Brandi Glanville go.

Over the course of their ongoing spat, it's appeared that one side often wants to keep it going while the other wants to let it go. In this case, it's ALL LeAnn.

It started when someone tweeted a quote about Brandi Glanville from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 preview. Here's what she said:

"I thought you needed rehab. Now I realize its just you."

This was not Tweeted at LeAnn, nor was it about her.

Still, Rimes re-tweeted it, writing: “@HertelSara: 'I thought you needed rehab. Now I realize its just you.' Lol #rhwbh ... sorry, can't deny the truth."

Again, this Tweet wasn't about her, it wasn't to her, and it didn't involve her at all. Yet she still feels the need to comment on all things Brandi Glanville.

What Rimes With Crazy
Peace Out Brandi

When she was questioned by fans about this, she replied:

  • Cause it's truth
  • I can't deal with the lies anymore.
  • I'm a woman w/ the right to stand up for my family and truth. I'm sorry you misunderstand my right to truth. Hope you see through the BS one day.
  • You say the truth you're horrible, you deny the truth, you're liar..... lose, lose... no one cares about the truth

Or you could just let it go LeAnn. Just a thought.


LeAnn is a disgusting narcissist . She had an affair with Eddie while Brandi was married to him, and she to someone else. And now she hates Brandi? If anyone has reason to be bitter it is Brandi, but more often it is LeAnn who goes on the attack in her passive/aggressive way. LeAnn is bitter because she has turned off most of her fan base by showing her true colors. I wouldn't buy her Spitfire cd at the local dollar store.


I got up the other night/ morning & looked@ my Twitter. I follow LeAnn as a fan, so that came up on my TL. I couldn't believe it. Doesn't she have ppl advising her? Was she allowed 2 drink& maybe take pain pills 4 her hand while tweeting? I will stand by her music, but I think SHE needs 2 stand by it 2& hire a new staff or new friends or something. It doesn't suit a person well to have ppl who always Yes you. Those r neither good friends nor good employees.


@Guest(aka Leann) How do you know it's Brandi's last season on the show, Leann?
Lisa V will have your a$$$ fired if you keep making up lies about her! Leann, you need to check yourself into rehab and stay off of twitter, and focus on being a STEPMOM. You are a TRAINWRECK! Writing hate posts about Brandi isn't going to make people forget what you did.

@ SARAisLEANNSfriend

Sorry, I didn't mean 2 imply that LeAnn doesn't actually have any friends. I'm sure she has plenty of people who love her. They need 2 look out for her. We all have times when we need guidance. :-)


Leann Rimes is posting as Guest. She wrote the same thing about Brandi on her BrandiLiarville twitter account.


@Guest(aka Leann) Leann you don't have talent, it's why you tweeting while everyone else was at the Emmys and their afterparties. Leann you were drunk on XFactor and didn't you have a nipple slip at a NoH8 event? It says alot that no man will date Leann unless she pays him well, let alone stay in a relationship with her which is why Eddie is always drunk or running off to be with his women. Leann, you are unstable to say the least and are making enemies with everyone in your life. Your fans were upset about what you did yesterday and you try to fix it by slamming Brandi? When the Eddie and Leann show is cancelled, you will fade into oblivion, your reputation is horrible and no one will work with her.


I am so glad this will be Brandi's last season on the show! Lisa V will have her a$$$ fired! Brandi needs to check herself into rehab and stay off of twitter, and focus on being a MOM. She is a TRAINWRECK!

@ Guest

Oh STFU. Brandi is their cash cow for the show, that is why for the second year in a row she is heavily featured in the promo's and the storylines people are buzzing about. They would never let her go, she is a NY Times Best Selling author too! The public LOVES her! :)


For God sake these two stupid women should grow up and stop fight!!! Just concentrate of what you have left and move on!!! STOP ALL THE STUPID NONSENSE ABOUT WHO IS RIGHT OR WRONG!!! SO FED UP ABOUT THESE TWO INSANE SELFISH BITCHES !!!


Brandi is TRASH! People are finally starting to see the truth.

@ Diana

Are the same Diana Bubonic who tweets to Leann?


The girl that originally posted that comment "works" LeAnn I believe.


I had to do double take... that is not LeAnn Rimes?! Does not even look like her! What the heck?! She should have taken the high road years ago but I guess this is really the only thing that keeps her relevant. Oh well, guess it should tell her something with Brandi having 76% of the vote on here :)

@ guest

Brandi is RELEVANT because of Leann and Eddie, she should be kissing their feet for getting a job on the HW's because without her being Eddies ex, she would not have been offered the job!!! She has turned herself into a drunken victim who takes no responsibility for her actions. She is a 40 year old hag who acts like a 16 year old wanna-be gangster! Good for Eddie for running as fast and far away as possible

@ Guest

No, the only reason LeAnn and Eddie are now relevant is Brandi :) Like I said, 76% of this vote went to Brandi out of 20,000+ people. Rest my case :)

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