LeAnn Rimes-Brandi Glanville Twitter Feud: Back on Over Reality Show Rumors!

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LeAnn Rimes is feuding with Brandi Glanville - yes, again - over the latter's claims that she was asked to be on the former's upcoming reality show.

Glanville said producers of Rimes' new show with husband Eddie Cibrian, Brandi's ex, asked her to appear; the show says it was the other way around.

Brandi Hair
Le Ann and Eddie

Says a source close to LeAnn Rimes' reality show production:

“Brandi’s agent saw one of the producers of LeAnn and Eddie’s show at an event recently and approached him about Brandi being on the show."

"Of course, that's not what LeAnn or Eddie want at all, so they never responded. Not content, the agent contacted VH1 asking for $25,000 an episode without ever being solicited."

The source claims that when the producers didn’t respond either, Brandi Glanville started claiming they had made her an offer that she turned down.

“She can’t stand that Eddie and LeAnn haven’t responded, let alone have no interest ... I mean, why would they ever in a million years have her on their show?"

"She thinks she’s some big draw. It’s crazy!”

Regardless of who's telling the truth, the bad blood between the two, which has been brewing off and on for years now, has clearly resurfaced again.

“I am laughing sooooooo hard at offer that just came into my agent,” The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star tweeted Friday after the alleged request.

Brandi then described what she was supposedly offered. Saturday afternoon, LeAnn struck back at her rival's claim with a similar, mocking tone.

“I’m crying from laughing so hard,” Rimes wrote.

“Thank god for some nonsense on a sick day.”

Choose your side:


Eddie left Brandi for a reason. I could not celebrate her presence either. I think she has done a disservice to herself by being on a reality show. However as she watches herself, it is interesting to see that she now says she knows she says stupid racist remarks, she is obviously jealous of those around her regarding having a "partner", she says she has "tried" to be a lesbian. How do you do that? She allows her boys to pee on a friends lawn at a party for all to see. She has a large disconnect when it comes to parenting. It doesn't matter how much she says she is a good Mom, what matters is how you raise your kids and you see how good she is in the way they behave. I was very disturbed by Joyce saying last Monday that she witnessed Brandi kissing a man, while observing her "tampon string" was hanging out for all to see. A disturbing and disgusting comment to say the least, to which only Brandi responded that the man she was kissing was not an old, short, ugly man. I am only me, but I believe her kids need to be in the custody of their father and his new wife. It is obvious she loves them BUT she is setting them up for failure in this world by her actions and most importantly in actions. DCF needs to step in, and after witnessing her reality show, that will probably be the case soon enough. She has admitted to using ILLEGAL DRUGS, drinking, REFUSING medical treatment regarding her own health, what does she do, or most importantly what doesn't she do with regards to her children's health concerns. Her actions may make for good TV but it also SCREAMS how badly things are in the Glanville home. One more comment and then no more, when Joyce was 'sharing' her pain with you when she LOST her dog....she was trying to tell you that she knew your pain and wanted to comfort you, SHE KNEW WHAT YOU MUST HAVE BEEN GOING THROUGH AND WANTED BRANDI NOT TO FEEL ALONE, THAT SHE WAS THERE FOR HER. MS. GLANVILLE then pushed Joyce away claiming that this was a competition for sympathy. I can only imagine by the way in which she acts that she is the most important person in the whole world, placing herself much higher than the needs of her kids. She has shown that she is jealous of others whether they be male or female, and has a fit of sorts if she does not get her way. I believe she needs to learn that she does not come first. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Her tears where Lisa/Ken are concerned really frighten me, because it shows me that she is not able to understand how her actions portray her in the media, let alone to her kids. I pray she gets help and finds happiness because she needs it badly. My opinion I know, but I was so shocked to see this type of behavior on a reality show, that I had to say 'wait a minute', is this really real? I put in my 2 cents worth...what happens tonight?


I don't get it: WHO, the hell, IS TAKING LeAnn SERIOUS, folks?


These two are too stupid for words.

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