Lamar Odom: Upbeat, Looking Healthy, Acting Normal?

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For a man allegedly in the throes of hardcore drug addiction, Lamar Odom is at least putting on a good front, according to people who have recently seen him.

Khloe Kardashian's estranged husband was spotted having miso soup and hot tea with an unknown man at Japanese restaurant Octopus in L.A.

Clad in a T-shirt and shorts and wearing sunglasses and his wedding ring, Odom seemed in good spirits, always "smiling" and "very nice and polite."

Lamar cordially held the door for a guest on his way out of the Roosevelt Lofts, which is next to Octopus, and "seemed upbeat" the source reports.

"He was in a good mood and did not seem down at all. In fact, he even stopped to sign a fan's autograph. He was his normal self, nice and polite."

This is a man who was supposedly cut off by his crack dealer.

And who used to get high with "crack head" mistress Polina Polonsky.

And who got arrested for DUI and had his license yanked a week ago.

And who refused interventions three separate times, left rehab after one day last week because he couldn't handle it, then kept his wife in the dark.

Whatever's going on with Lamar, he's never had a bad word to say about anyone, and vice versa. People close to him just want to see him get help.

"He had a big heart, and really wanted to help people. Just seeing how he loved to help people," former NBA teammate Josh Powell told E! News.

"He was just such a great energy to be around. When you come across people like that, you kind of carry that with you as you mature and grow."

L.A. Lakers guard Jordan Farmar also reached out via social media, posting a Throwback Thursday pic of him and Odom captioned, "My big homie LO!"

"One of the most incredible human beings you'll ever meet! Nobody is immune to tough times. I love you dog and am always here if you need me! #tbt #family."

Long story short, everyone loves Lamar. Except maybe Lamar.

Even Khloe Kardashian kicking him out of the house (twice) was her ultimatum for him to get clean and save himself from a potentially perilous spiral.

A court hearing in his DUI case is scheduled for September 27.

What will happen between now and then is anyone's guess.


I have been around, known, and lived with addicts of all kind. (<--Unfortunately) Lamar Odom does not look as though, or act as though he is abusing a hard core substance, namely CRACK, routinely. I'm pretty sure this is a Kardashian-run smear campaign against Lamar. Probably all because of the cheating allegations.


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If this is all true I just hope he gets better and the help that he needs and just focus on himself and not what everyone else in the media has to say about him or his family. Drug addiction is no joke and I hope he gets better.


I pray that lamar odom goes back to his biological family his children and the woman he should have never left Liza. I feel that god can heal the sorrows in their loss of a child and give lamar and his children more happiness away from the camera's. Lamar will be ok as long as he keeps god first and know that god loves him totally. Khloe has her demons and is no angel pretending to be this wonderful wife, now the truth is coming out about how really khloe work her agenda's. First of all a woman never should marry a guy after two weeks or even a month meeting him not even if it is an arranged marriage ok (it was in this case the reality show needed ratings so khloes and lamar's wedding was a start of a domino effect ok.),for ratings for the show. Khloe had knowledge of lamar's suppose drug addiction and do not believe that wicked kris jenner was not aware of it all as well she makes it her business to know everything what goes on in each house hold ok not to mention that kris jenner is khloe's drinking partner big time and so sad both mother and daughter are serious drinkers of strong booze. Khloe saw an NBA player WOW I am more important now.khloe lies about everything when kris Humphries was talking to her and she bashed kris Humphries so big time knowing that she herself was nothing but a big liar (who now looks pretty stupid now that she has put lamar on blast after knowing he was cocaine for two years.) A good wifey taking her out her revenge I would not want to talk to her neither I could not trust her. Tell me what wifey puts her husband on blast then expect for her man to still want her after she has done the dirt. Lamar would be very crazy to go back with her and like I have said khloe has her serious demons. not judging khloe knows she hit the pipe or whatever with lamar if all is true. khloe is no angel people need to see this little girl for who she really is and I must say that it is not a good picture at all. Praying for lamar to RUN as far as he can and not look back god will continue to take care of him. Prayers for all.


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