Lamar Odom: Not Actually in Rehab?!?

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Khloe Kardashian allegedly was kept in the dark regarding Lamar Odom checking into rehab and we may now know why:

Because Lamar Odom is not actually in rehab!

TMZ claims it has called around since this report broke last night and is confident enough to claim that Odom is not a patient in any treatment center.

So... where is he? No one knows.

The basketball player's whereabouts remain unclear, with no one in his inner circle - including Khloe - aware of where Lamar has been since he was ordered to get help or get out by his wife on Saturday.

Odom has not been photographed with his better half since early June, nor has he made any public statements since rumors of his rampant drug use started to spread a few weeks ago.

But while which types of substances he's been abusing - Alcohol? Ambien? Cocaine? Crack? - have been in question, universal opinion/verification seems to be that something is very wrong with the ex-Clippers and Lakers star. No one has come out and stated that Lamar is just fine and this is all an overreaction.

Based on what you know, sound off now: Should Lamar Odom check into rehab?


Lamar Odom, I pray that he is with his biological children and personal family who are giving the LOVE and emotional care he needs right now. Lamar has yet to make any announcement of all of these allegations that the kardashian master minded ninja mommager kris jenner has created against lamar. I pray that lamar keeps his distance and watch his back because kris jenner is a very cursed and wicked revengeful woman and I would not be at all surprise if kris,khloe or anyone else in that family put out a hit on lamar. This situation is getting uglier by the moment I will always continue to pray that all be well. Many prayers to lamar let god fight his fight and really trust no one. There is more to this cursed wicked situation than beats the eye and lamar is being used as the fall guy even he does has a drug addictions. Prayers always lamar.


he'isn't suffering an Injury!!


Poor guy is trying to get away from the Kardashians, paps and other bottom-feeders!!

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