Lamar Odom: Doing Crack, Another Woman

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In a Twitter rant this week that put down his estranged father and defended the Kardashians, Lamar Odom acknowledged he is going through a "dark time."

But this doesn't mean the baller has seen the light.

Sad Lamar Odom

Not according to a new TMZ report, at least, which alleges Odom is spending all his time these days in a home about 100 miles away from Los Angeles.

There, he is holed up with two women (one of whom he's sleeping with) and smoking tons of crack. That is the former NBA star's life these days.

When he needs a re-supply, insiders claim the 33-year-old sends his driver to and from Los Angeles to purchase and deliver more hardcore drugs.

However, Lamar has grown so paranoid that the driver is instructed to only buy small quantities at a time in order to remain under the radar.

He's also been using an app on his phone, allegedly, that deletes his text messages after they're sent because he believes folks are watching him.

Odom never leaves the residence, which also includes one of his good friends.

It's the third house he's lived in over the past several weeks, as Lamar has remained on the run out of fear of being caught by the authorities.

As for his estranged wife Khloe Kardashian?

Lamar is reportedly extremely confident in her love and unafraid that she'll leave him, especially during his time of need ... despite being holed up elsewhere.

But other insiders are not so certain about that.

They say Khloe is hurt and angry and likely to file for divorce, but not until the current season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians has finished filming.

She doesn't want this on camera. Supposedly.

Khloe and Lamar: Will it last?


Khloe: pull the plug. Now.


Khloes mother needs to stay out of it let them work it out at this point hole needs to decide if she loves him enough to help him get through this. If she doesn't then she has good cause get a divorce but she should really put her whole heart into helping her husband till she can not get any response back then yes get divorce e she's young she wants children she deserves it but she needs to give it her all what if he was hit by car and crippled I bet everyone say they should get divorced well you are wrong you married for better or worse it's up to you to go through this marriage the best you can loving this person the same as you did before the worse. How would you want to be taken if you were married . If you are so bad to be a vegetable then I say yes you can get divorce but if there is a cure person can get well you owe it to stick it out give all support and love so healing can begin


Listen does anyone pay attention to the words of the vow they give in the presence of The Lord ( yes you are in his presence whether we'd in a church or by judge ) those words were carefully chosen for a reason. You can not pick and choose the trials a human being would go thru before you said these words if you did if it were possible there would probably be less divorces but somehow I think people would just find some other reason to get a divorce because marriage is all about going through changes the hard the easy the bad the good the better the worse the healthy the ill it's all about becoming stronger as a couple getting through all of these which every single relationship will go through so you can get rid of one person replace him or her with another but you will go through the same thing over and over its has to be in order for it to be a relationship this is what true love is not that giddy I can't stop thinking of you feeling that's just a mating thing that young people have to attack one another but love is what you build on going through the hard the good etc... You build character and spiritually together that's love , they should teach this in school the world would be different instead of people thinking oh he or she doesn't love me any longer cuz he don't think about me all day like he use too instead they be what could I do today that would let my spouse know that I still love her even though I'm so swamped with work I can not call her as many times as I use too . It's what you could do for the other not what should they do for you. Remember that .


I really hope that Lamar can get out of this dark place he's in. It's easy to judge but can happen to any of us. Poor Khloe needs love and support from others, too. I hope it's not too late to save their marriage. Dear Lord, please be with each of them during this difficult time. Amen.

@ Nikkie~0;-)

I agree 100%


In my opinion:
I was married to my ex-husband during his cocaine additions until god freed me. I know through experience no cocaine addict is going to be taking time out to console with the hands that put his business on Blast.
The kardashians are truly busy with their old tactics ok. The kardashians want America to feel so sorry for khloe, but khloe must endure what she created on her own lies and has cheated on lamar as well. People in high places knows the truth to all of this wicked cursed situation, kris jenner will make sure in every way she can so that nothing will ever get leaked out. It will eventually, give it time.
I believe that khloe knew from the beginning about Lamar issues but khloe has her own issues as well drugs and alcohol.God knows, why can't this family just leave Lamar Odom alone.
I feel that until Lamar is ready to make that major step in his life to get help, no one but only GOD can help him.
The most important thing for all us to do is to continue to PRAY for lamar,and pray that the kardashians will just stop with the evilness of their lies of stories on lamar. No one is interested in khloe's life anymore she has truly made herself look like a big Fool for the world to see.
A cocaine addict just want that constant hit on the pipe and the ones who keep provoking him he will distant himself even more. I know I lived with a cocaine addicted husband and unless the man wants to be free it is his choice whether he will continue with his addition and no one can change him but himself. What and who really pushed Lamar to destruction if it is destruction but nothing but a publicity stunt by the kardashians hands. Think about it everyone.
Prayers for Lamar and so much LOVE inspite of what people may think of him. Lamar is one of Gods children and just keep him in yours prayers. Love to all,and have a Blessed day.


he would have been fine if he would have stayed away from Khloe Kardashian.... they do what they do for the show and it doesnt matter if it hurts others or not. ITS ALL ABOUT RATINGS


Hes done.
If she keeps the weight off she'll have no trouble finding some other loser to be with.


So if this latest installment of the Where's Lamar series can be believed, K is putting her life on hold until filming that dumb show ends!!???!

@ Robocop

the show must go own...

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