Lamar Odom Cuts Off Dad's Rent Over Kardashian Komments

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Lamar Odom has reportedly cut off his estranged father's rent following Joe Odom's public and wholly negative comments about the Kardashians.

The troubled basketball star called his father last week regarding the comments Joe made about the Kardashians and Lamar's woes, and was PISSED.

Lamar knows he has real issues, but Joe knows nothing about them, he said in a Tweet praising his in-laws and blaming his own dad for his downfall.

In any case, he's had enough now and won't be helping him out any longer.

Joe Odom claims his son, with whom he has a turbulent history, has been paying his rent for the past four years or so, to the tune of $2,900 a month.

Lamar Odom now says those days are over, and his dad is on his own now.

Obviously, Joe can't afford it on his own, so looks like he'll be looking for a new place to live come next month, barring a quick reconciliation with Lamar.

Like his future with Khloe Kardashian, the odds of that are murky at best.


Lamar (or probably Khloe) has been paying $2,900 a month rent for that old reprobate? That was his first mistake.


What an idiot. Joe Odom caused his own suicide by talking trash about his in-laws who have a stronger financial stability than he does.


Good for Lamar for cutting him off. He shouldn't be paying that much in the first place. It's funny how some Dads can walk away from their responsibilities but show up when the child is now famous, I wouldn't have given him a penny, what goes around comes around.


Lamar needs to keep paying his dad's rent. Really who cares what the old guy has to say. And if Lamar can afford it, he needs to be the bigger man.

@ Nelly

No his Dad should have been a man period when he walked away from the family, if Lamar is having problems keep your mouth shut and talk to your Son in private don't blame other people for his downfall. Look who is role model is. Dad started the rolling stone, so he needs to go hide his face.


Lamar, it is about time you cut your father lose. He has been living off of you long enough and he "expects" this from you instead of being "grateful" for your kindness. Tough love should put him back on track to take care of himself and stop "mooching" off of you. I wish you the best Lamar and I hope you get yourself straight. You are a good man who made bad choices. You can turn your life around. Praying for you.


The K's are poison.


Good for him..he'll prob just use it for drug money, but nonetheless, you don't bite the hand that feeds you.
$2900 is a lot for rent when you cant afford it. Dad needs to live within his means better.


The Kardashians should pay a few months. I don't agree with Lamar paying his deadbeat dads way, BUT he was paying. That's a commitment, not a position of power. He has a nerve to throw a fit over his dads loyalty. Maybe, selling a story is sleazy, but I really believe he wanted to stick up for his son. He probably deep down feels responsible for Lamars addiction, so he really pushed the blame on the Kardashians. I think they are the ones leaking the Lamar stories. He needs to wake up. I have always said you can choose your family, but in his case, i think he should stick with blood. I like Khloe, but I don't trust the angel in every story. Sounds more and more like a pr team. She's worried about his drug use, not pissed about these tramps crawling out of the woodwork? No one is that kind. They don't even kids, just a dog she's gonna keep. Sit back and sick the Kardashian pr team on him.


Racist much Sims??


ain't this a Kodak moment. These 2 are living proof that the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION is moving FORWARD! Most fathers and sons share "fishing spots" or Remodeling ideas but not this PRICELESS PAIR, it's drugs of choice? Let me see if I've got this straight. She kicks him out for sticking his wick in anything with a tattoo & a dime bag THEN pops says " mane lookie here, KHLO KHLO dontz give a damn bouts my boy THEN Lamar takes his Buffalo stance in defense of KHLO cause all addicts think "Last Week" is ancient history and she wil forgive &l get mom to sign off on ROUND 2! Yes- and to think- people said this interracial marriage between 2 STERLING CONTIBUTIONS TO SOCIETY wouldn't last!!!!!!!! The nerve of them doubting this match made in Heaven.

@ Sims

you are stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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