Lamar Odom: Cut Off By Crack Dealer!

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Lamar Odom's crack addiction is beyond bad. We're talking the point where even his own dealer, a man who deals crack for a living, had to cut him off.

TMZ quotes sources close to the dealer in claiming that he had delivered the powerful substance to the NBA star all summer long, but it got to be too much.

Last week, Lamar Odom's crack addiction became insatiable.

Incessantly, he would call, demanding more and more crack.

Apparently even his longtime, go-to dealer got scared enough to cut Lamar off ... partly for his own good but mostly to cover his own behind as well.

After all, if Odom dies, he'd no longer be off the grid.

Authorities would investigate and come down on him like wife Khloe Kardashian is trying to come down on her husband, only he'd actually go to prison.

Lamar, of course, has not necessarily stopped using.

He just had to find a new source, which isn't hard if you're invested in the whole scene like he apparently is. Guy has his connections all over it seems.

The name Polina Polonsky ring a bell?

In fact, after leaving rehab after one day, rumors surfaced that he wasn't ready to get clean or admit he had an issue, and is already back on drugs.

He's refused multiple interventions from Khloe Kardashian's family, his former NBA teammates and his friends from NYC, but no one can get through.

There are reports that Odom is receiving out-patient treatment for addiction, and though this has not been confirmed, we really hope it's the case.

Any treatment is better than nothing right now.

On a positive note, he was last seen Friday at a sushi restaurant, where he ordered soup and green tea and was described as upbeat and healthy-looking.

So there's that.


I think this whole thing about Lamar is just somewhat of a hoax ... Just to make up story so the rating of their reality show will soar now it's Lamar and Khloe's turn and who's next ? Robert ? Scott ? Brody ? Or the patriarch Bruce ? God forbids, please save the two younger ones Kendal and Kylie ! Now that Kim is a mother so there's no more exciting plots .... I think this is just a hoax ! I don't buy all this ! So stupid and wasting my time !

Shirley johnson

my stepmother just got a six-month old Infiniti G Coupe only from working part time off a home pc... great post to read


Who goes to rehab for one day really. If lamar is on crack get help has he been seen buying using or seeking this drug no if he has issues putting it in the media wont help some things are private let them work through their problems not by pointing fingers but with support finding what they feel happen to cause the drug use sometimes the media can make something small seem so BIG something is going on with him but its non of our business what goes on in khole or lamars personal life...


A crack dealer with a conscience? Doubtful. A crack dealer worried he will get caught because his buyer is in the media? More likely. So is it you have first hand knowledge of what a crack dealer's intentions are? Did you interview him/her? Doubtful. Did you post this story to get attention? More likely. That said, I hope Lamar gets the help he needs, if not for himself then for his children. In the words of the late Whitney Houston "Crack is Whack".


This is ridiculous...If it was a ordinary person they would prob be in jail for having crack on them, catch the crack on Lamar and lock him away, stories like this of repeated drug use gets very old when it comes to these dumb celebrities, REALLY


There hasn't been any mention of his dad since he was on Khloe and Lamar. Where has he been? I thought his dad battled a heroin addiction.


I have to agree.He is a celebrity, yes.He is also someone's child.I understand he is a nice guy too.Just because he can afford a lot of crack doesn't mean he deserves to die. Hope he gets help BEFORE he becomes a statistic.


When did dealers start doing interviews


Lamar really needs to listen to his wife and friends cause crack isn't no joke. I really hope that it doesn't take something real bad to happen. Nothing can be that bad everybody loses a family memeber,a friend,and loses a job that's life.You know it's bad when your dealer cuts you off cause he doesn't want to go to jail(that's bad).I pray that he'll listen and gets some help cause he's heading down a street named DEATH.


Can't this just be about a man, that most say is a good man, fighting or not to stop his drug habit. Can we not believe that his wife wants what is best for him. I wish them well and hope that they can save him.

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