Lamar Odom: Cut Off By Crack Dealer!

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Lamar Odom's crack addiction is beyond bad. We're talking the point where even his own dealer, a man who deals crack for a living, had to cut him off.

TMZ quotes sources close to the dealer in claiming that he had delivered the powerful substance to the NBA star all summer long, but it got to be too much.

Last week, Lamar Odom's crack addiction became insatiable.

Incessantly, he would call, demanding more and more crack.

Apparently even his longtime, go-to dealer got scared enough to cut Lamar off ... partly for his own good but mostly to cover his own behind as well.

After all, if Odom dies, he'd no longer be off the grid.

Authorities would investigate and come down on him like wife Khloe Kardashian is trying to come down on her husband, only he'd actually go to prison.

Lamar, of course, has not necessarily stopped using.

He just had to find a new source, which isn't hard if you're invested in the whole scene like he apparently is. Guy has his connections all over it seems.

The name Polina Polonsky ring a bell?

In fact, after leaving rehab after one day, rumors surfaced that he wasn't ready to get clean or admit he had an issue, and is already back on drugs.

He's refused multiple interventions from Khloe Kardashian's family, his former NBA teammates and his friends from NYC, but no one can get through.

There are reports that Odom is receiving out-patient treatment for addiction, and though this has not been confirmed, we really hope it's the case.

Any treatment is better than nothing right now.

On a positive note, he was last seen Friday at a sushi restaurant, where he ordered soup and green tea and was described as upbeat and healthy-looking.

So there's that.


The only reason the Crack Dealer would cut him off is because this is becoming too high profile. People are going to do more digging, investigating, following and taking pictures. To save his own ass he'd have to let him go for the most part. It's become too high profile. So while I don't normally believe these rumor stories, this one would make sense.


I don't believe anything about all this crack business. But I do believe the Kardashian Machine is in full swing now to tear him down. Look what happened to Kris Humphries. Khloe claims to be so distraught and is trying to help him yet she is all dolled up and posting selfies whilst out partying. There is nothing nice about this family, they are devious and totally self absorbed. If you are of no value to them they will treat you like yesterday's garbage and kick you to the kerb. Poor Lamar. When she met him he had a career and a good life. Let's hope he can get back to that.


What happened to Kris Humphries is his own doing. The guy is a GOOF! I don`t know about the u.s.a. but where I`m from, the word GOOF means LOW.Can`t get any lower if you`re labeled a goof, a sleazeball scum. The Kardashians didn`t do shit to Humphries and he didn`t need any help. That`s when Kim started to see the GOOF come out and said `run for the fucking hills!`` Khloe`s got to continue living.She`s done plenty for Lamar although I don`t agree over her kicking him out, if the reports are acurate but the experts would say she has to kick him out because otherwise, she`d be enabeling him. No one told Lamar to stick his face into the coke. He never had a good life until he met Khloe and she loves him like crAzy. Lamar`s got to take responsibility for his actions. You can`t blame the K`s for it.

@ queenofpoland

Agreed.This, no-one can blame the K's for,although they will try anyway.


Maybe Kloe's butt crack is the reason he's pounding the powder


You would think that Kloe's butt crack would keep him satisfied,


I have to agree how many dealers quit selling because they think he's used to much Yeh Right! They don't give a shit about Lamar or anyone else for that matter just the almighty dollar!!


The Khloe and Kamar show, featuring how Kamar is going to rehab and kicking his habit he can afford. It makes no sense that his addiction should even ave made the news because if he can afford drugs, he can discreetly use them just like others who we suddenly find have committed suicide because of the drug demon.


Wow a crack dealer with a heart. What bullshit, I'm sure he knows more than one dealer and I'm sure crack is a lot more fun than being married to the whiny fat sister out of the three, khloe is a fat disgusting mud shark jig fucking pig


God we help ur family!


Do drug dealers give interviews? And we know this we know all the other stories are true...because its being reported as true.


Fame and fortune more often brings excess and misery than happiness and peace in one's heart.. I pray Lamar will recognize and deal with his addiction and truly seek recovery, which is a journey rather than a quick fix. God Bless him and Khloe. It won't be easy but it will be worth it. ~0;-)

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