Kris Jenner to Khloe Kardashian: Divorce Lamar Odom!

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Following a report last month that claimed Kris Jenner was urging her daughter not to divorce Lamar Odom, an insider now tells Radar that Jenner has a different message for Khloe Kardashian:

Divorce Lamar Odom.

The change of parental tune is due to yet another mistress (Sandy Schultz) admitting to an affair with Lamar, along with assertions that he's building crack pipes at home.

“At Kris’ insistence, Khloe did meet with a divorce lawyer," an insider alleges.

"Kris was very heavy handed and said that Khloe had a responsibility to her sisters and the Kardashian brand to distance herself from Lamar."

Yup. That does sound like something Jenner would say.

Unfortunately, Kardashian is reportedly hesitant to officially cut ties with her husband because her "entire self-worth and identity is wrapped up in her marriage."

Meeting and marrying the NBA star "was a chance for Khloe to distance herself from the Kardashian name," explains this same source.

"All of a sudden, Khloe was getting tons of attention from the media, and she was very popular with Lamar’s teammates and their wives."

"She had this huge mansion, a wardrobe to die for, and the man of her dreams. It was everything her other two sisters didn’t have.”

And, unlike those siblings, Khloe is described as "low key."

She won't be leaking a sex tape any time soon and she didn't air her marriage ceremony or private life on television (relatively speaking).

She just wants to settle down with a husband and a family and, therefore, continues to hold out hope that Odom can turn his life around. Concludes this anonymous family friend:

“Is it likely she will give that up anytime soon, or even the idea of it? No."

"She is still hoping Lamar goes to rehab and gets help, and she wants to give him the opportunity to make the marriage work if he does.”

Do YOU think Khloe should divorce Lamar?


She is waiting for the 4th year anniversary this month to file for divorce... She gets a certain amount per year of marriage, according to ther re nup.


I think people should stop spredint rumours. We want to hear from them both what they want. Stop speculating we will wait and see.


I thought Kloe is a strong person. She should trust her husband and stop running away. He needs help yes but he needs support from her. We make vows and promise to be there for each other therefore my advice to Kloe stay focused and do what ur heart say. If you truly love him support him through think and thin. You are the only person who can help him.


I truly believe that cuz to much has been said in the media Lamar will never come back to Khloe and cuz Lamar at this point probably doesn't ever want to see a Kardashian again Khloe doesn't have to worry about him returning to her. Lamar is going to wait it out and see how long it will be before Khloe files for divorce. Lamar I'm sure is talking to people. He's just not talking to anyone associated or affiliated with the Kardashians. Someone is advising him

@ jules

Please- enough with the crystal ball.

@ Sims

WOW, Jules! I see your posts at various locations & you never fail to impress Can't get into some of my accts now so can't send replys.. Bur I like you're common sense & most often agree w/ you.

@ Sims



Kris, Newsflash....your daughter's old enough to make her own decisions!!!




If lamar is at all so strung out on cocaine or any other drug he is staying mum ok. I feel and do believe that the marriage contract is up and lamar decided not to bring nothing to the kardashian brand so that ninja mommager can collect her 10% lamar is more exhausted from everything ok.
Khloe must realize she can not help a cocaine addict and his demons Lamar has to help himself if all is true, khloe has her own demons to deal with as well. Believe me there is a reason why lamar is staying clear of khloe and all the other kardashians for a reason. Soon everything will be exposed and the world will know the truth of all the LIES of this wicked cursed family.
All of these stories are just stories that are lies the kardashians at work. Really at this point does anyone really care what is going on in khloe and lamar's life. No! All can say is that Lamar still has his billion dollar studded diamond wedding ring so he must not be that strung out on COCAINE.OK.Prayers to all.

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