Kim Richards' Child Hospitalized Under 5150 Psychiatric Hold

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards is dealing with a sad situation as one of her adult children was hospitalized against her will.

It's not clear which of her four kids experienced the meltdown.

Kim Richards, Children

Neighbors “called the police in July after Kim’s child was naked in the street, and talking gibberish." They were deemed to be a danger to others.

As such, he/she was "placed on involuntary psychiatric hold,” a family source said.

The patient was released after 72 hours and has been at home with Kim, and continues to get outpatient treatment from a mental health professional.

Nevertheless, the situation "has stunned Kim and rocked her family."

Surely, Amanda Bynes' and Britney Spears' parents can relate.

Paris Hilton‘s aunt, who has battled addiction and health issues herself, has four children with three different men, ranging in age from 18 to early 20′s.

Sisters Kathy Hilton and Kyle Richards ”have been a very strong source of support and comfort ... at the end of the day, are a very strong family."

“Kim and their relative are being looked after, and will come through this. It won’t be easy, but they have each other, and that is all that matters.”

Here's wishing Kim Richards and family nothing but the best.

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pst: I'm a sort of a lunatic either.


I'm betting that it's the brunette. I feel terrible for her family even though personally, I believe they probably all belong in a 5150 hold. Come to think of it, all reality stars deserve to be in one!"

@ WTF?

Well! You have a crystal ball and LAY CLAIM it's the brunette? Careful with that stereotyping now! I wouldn't want your crown NOT be firm and straight on that head! For you to stoooooop so low? You must be an imposter? Yeah- that's my feeling! Came out of the Shoot with a vengeance today? Carry on.

@ Sims

Thank you....I left you something too. :-)

@ WTF?

Well- it will happen. What you don't know is that YOU have best friends that you even haven't met as of yet! You do! Ohhhh before I forget did you check out the KK blonde hair Thread-- its pretty good/ from beginning to End.

@ Sims

Ok. On my way.

@ Sims

Oh now you know I just said that to get your attention.....looks like it worked! ;-) but it do feel that most reality stars need. to be in psych ward either that, or strongly evaluated before signing on the dotted line before going on these shows for a length of time. Don't you agree?

@ WTF?

I agree- left you something @ 22 from yesterday. Maybe look?