Kim Kardashian to Portray an Alien on American Dad

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Kim Kardashian is following in the footsteps of her ex-husband.

The same week Kris Humphries made a cameo as himself on The Mindy Project, Fox has announced that his wife of 72 days is also headed to the network:

Kim will voice an alien on a late season episode of American Dad, sources confirmed yesterday, coming on board the animated series as a love interest for the main character of Roger.

Kim has appeared on other hits such as How I Met Your Mother and Drop Dead Diva, though she won't actually be seen on screen this time around.

The reality star has supposedly been complaining of boredom in her everyday life as a mom to North West, so don't be surprised if she books a few more television and/or movie roles in the near future.

No, not those kinds of movie roles! Don't get overly excited, Kim Kardashian Superstar fans.


WOW! Kim is so ridiculous she evidently does not realize she will be judge by her own actions of what type of mother she will be to NWTTHP. Kim stating that she is BORED in spending time with her premature baby what mother talks about her baby like that? So sad it is like she regrets ever becoming pregnant in the first place. It was all for the show and ratings kim could not stand to be preggars she actually hated it with a passion so sad. Especially when there are so many women who want children can not conceive. Kim why does it seems that for some reason kris Humphries name always comes up with some attachment to kim. Kim kardashian, is nothing but a kopy kat off of others she afraid is going to come up better with a better image than her. Why does she always trys to compete with people she ditches on?hmmmm what became of that PLAY BOY spread she is suppose to do? It will be interesting to see who she will kopy kat off of next.Prayers! I feel so sorry for NWTTHP kim does not have any great talents but what she has expoloited all over the world to see just to become rich on her back. Does kim really think she act


Even when she plays herself she sucks. The porn star has not acting talent. She has proved that over and over in Drop Dead Diva and that Tyler Perry movie. She also can't dance or sing. She proved that when she was on Dancing With the Stars and sang off key that awful song "Jam". Watch it on YouTube. It's so f*cking awful you will laugh hysterically. She's conned her dumb as a rock fans into shelling out millions of dollars to make her rich. Now she's trying to con them into believing she is an actress. What a crock!!


So, she's playing herself. Not exactly a stretch.

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