Kim Kardashian to Leave Reality TV, Put Family First?!?

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Kim Kardashian may soon undergo plastic surgery.

But, according to a new shocking report, this isn't the only change the new mother is considering.

Sources say Kim wants off Keeping Up with the Kardashians because she's all about privacy these days. She supposedly wants to move into a new mansion - without cameras in it! - and commit fully to raising daughter North West.

Kim's ultimate goal, according to the following video, is to stop appearing in weekly tabloids and to land the prestigious cover of Vogue. Will she accomplish her aim of essentially leaving the everyday spotlight?!?

Pray that she will, THGers, and then watch this report for more:


I wonder how many copies of Kim Kardashian Sex Tape were spread?!
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Kim Kardashian to Leave Reality TV, Put Family First?!?
Guys, dont work your right hands out))
Good luck!


The only people stupider than Kim are those who believe a single word spun by the media fame-whores Kardashian machine.


Moronic reporter!!!


so this fake story will end soon?




Goodbye Bitch!


I pray that the owner of the Vogue Magazine stays to her guns with a big fat NO and no association with kim for the front of Vogue. Kim has her own agenda and will kiss up and stoop to any level to get that main picture spread when there are so many other women striving for the same who are way more qualified than kim.Not judging ok. In my opinion if Kim does appear on the front cover of Vogue best believe the popularity of the magazines will go down in numbers so rapidly. Kim dishing her wicked cursed kardashian family oh my oh my what will they do without the money machine. Ninja mommager kris jenner is so heated without any doubt and calling her Favorite daughter all kind of names in the book I am quite sure god knows. I will not believe any of this until it actually happens. Kim must realize no matter what she will try to do to improve the bad status she has on herself is for LIFE. The only one person who can change her and kanye's life around is The Lord Jesus Christ. They need to give NWTTHP a Christian foundation so that she will come to know the Lord. Stay out of the limelight for a long time even forever. Kanye West was raised in the church but has turned his love for the Lord for Satan instead remember that accident where kanye had to get his total face reconstructed GOD SPARED HIS LIFE. God is the only one who can really give them a CLEAN Slate and Fresh start with NWTTHP it is so important now that they both are parents should set an example for NWTTHP. Kanye West has anger management issues and Kim Kardashian has a image of professional PORN reality star it has been known some women become richer by doing PORN so sad. Still not judging anyone at all but keeping it truly real. I pray for the both of them that they give NWTTHP a chance for a normal LIFE. It is not my intentions to insult anyone it is only an opinion. Many prayers to all.


Someone please take away her phone too. We don't need to see the bimbo post photo's either. Wonder how many nannies she will have? Maybe that's one talent she will have being a mother. She has no others.


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Please please please stop reporting on the Kartrashians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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