Kim Kardashian Goes Blonde: Love It or Loathe It?

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Kim Kardashian has come out of hiding once again.

And this time, she's given fans something to talk about aside from her figure or baby North West.

Kim has gone blonde! And, no, it's not a wig this time.

Perhaps wanting to divert attention from the admission that she may pose nude for Playboy again, Kim was spotted around Los Angeles this weekend with a very different hair color.

Check out the new look in the following video (for U.S. and UK residents only... sorry!) and decide...

... what do you think?


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Kim Kardashian Goes Blonde: Love It or Loathe It?
Hh yeah baby! It made my day!
Have fun


I totally LOATHE the hair color, & LOATHE her. She looks like a moron with this shade....(Then again, she looked like a moron with the dark hair too....ewwww


New hair? Looks like she got it weeks ago and needs her roots done.


She just once again trying to fit in with her baby-daddy crowd by looking a little more like Beyonce (the no-talent version). Besides, it's a WELL known fact that black guys have a special attraction for blondes. Not racist comment, just truth. Dont have to look much further than her own-sista. ya'all know it.

@ crowgirl

Did you ever think that maybe Kim just felt like colouring her hair? All women I know must switch things up every once in a while.She can change it back anytime.I really doubt if she even thought of Beyonce.(I never do) It seems that white men also prefer blondes,even though most are not real blondes.I don't recall any of her sisters having blond hair. If you are referring to Khloe,her hair is medium brown with some blond highlights.


Kim's hair black is beautiful cuz society only believes Blondes are beautiful. That's is why she was referred to as the dark haired beauty


Her exotic long black hair was her staple! Now she just another bleached damaged-hair blonde. As the saying goes, once you go black....!

@ Cheri+Woods

Yes, but as far as hair goes,once you go from black to blond, you can always go back to any damn colour you please.

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