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Seriously how are these two famous? It's a sad state of affairs when we consider people like this 'celebrities'. Why don't they consider getting married first before bringing another child into this world. They are both extremely superficial (Kim's lips are ridiculous as is Kanye's overall behavior). His performance on Jimmy Fallon last night was a joke. What's up with him semi taking off his jacket and grabbing his crotch? Ugh gross. These two deserve each other. I wish the entire Kardashian family would just GO away already!

@ CR

Oh for Christ sake climb outta that damn cave why don't you. Not everyone has to necessarily be married first before baby. It can and has often gone the other way around! In the end, it doesn't matter so long as they give that little baby all the love, support and care that she deserves. That's all that matters. Anything else, is your fuckin problem! Get over it and get over yourself Ms. Holier than thou. :-P

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