Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Klash: New Baby or Old Boobs?

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A new baby or her old boobs?

This is the question Kim Kardashian is now asking herself, as Kanye West is reportedly pushing the reality star to have a second child.

“Kanye recently suggested that they start trying for another baby as he doesn’t want a big gap between their children’s ages,” an insider says of the rapper, who really wants North West to have a brother or sister.

But Kim is more concerned with getting back her Size 8 figure than she is in being knocked up again, this same insider says, leading to a clash between the famous couple.

In fact, Kardashian is so focused on regaining her pre-baby body that she's considering plastic surgery on her stomach, love handles and even her breasts.

“Kim’s main concern is her boobs,” the source alleges.

“They went up to an F-cup during her pregnancy, which is twice the size they were before, and she thinks they look droopy. She’s already set up a few consultations."

"She's looking into non-invasive lipo on her tummy and love handles.”

West is reportedly telling Kardashian that she looks "beautiful and doesn't need anything done," compliments partly propelled by the fact that his mother actually passed away during a plastic surgery procedure.

He's afraid of the same fate befalling his girlfriend and baby mama.

Kim and Kanye will have plenty of time to debate the topic of baby versus boobs on the latter's fall tour, as insiders confirm Kardashian will accompany her man on a handful of dates.

Do you think Kimye should have a second child?


hey she know to be a slut mom..

@ margarita

Are you fucking retarded? Or are you just stupid by choice?


who cares she will be know a a slut mom'''


Get back into shape lose those big hips and thighs. You look ridiculouz so wide and wearing tight short dresses. You are not a teenager. Now you are a mom. Raise her properly. Kris has to butt out. She wantz attention all on her. No spring chicken dresses wrong for her age. Kanye keep it in your pants. You are gone alot so kim needs to focus on northwest or never should of had her


Well of course he does! He has all the gain and none of the pain. Considering how negatively she felt about pregnancy, he might want to shop around for a more willing mate.


go away Kardashian. take miley cyrus, west, rhianna with you. we are all sick of the smell.

@ angie r

I totally agree.

Jennifer hollis

disappear. that would be a good start.


Do not let these people procreate any further - please!
Narcissistic, Self Centered, Self Absorbed, Vain, Arrogant, Egotistic, Condescending, .. all great traits to pass on to a child - no?


Their relationship is fake as hell. The only reason west said all that bullshit on her mothers show was because the show had so much bad ratings. And they thought it would boost ratings. He was never around durnin her whole 9 months. And he does not want her.


lil to soon yet .


I don't give a shit about this trash. They are a shit.

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