Khloe Kardashian to Sit Down with Ryan Seacrest, Bare Lamar Odom-Laden Soul?

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Save for the occasional Instagram post, Khloe Kardashian has scarcely said a word about Lamar Odom over the past several weeks.

While various sources saying Khloe is being pressured by Kris Jenner to divorce her troubled husband, the boldest move Kardashian has made to date is to drop "Odom" from an online profile.

But that may soon change.

“Khloe is planning on doing a very controlled ‘tell-all’ type interview with Ryan Seacrest," an insider tells OK! Weekly, adding that Khloe is under contract with E! and adding: "She trusts them and knows they are on her side and can sympathize with her."

They can also make plenty of money off the special.

When can we expect it to air? Likely never, considering this unreliable source. But the Khloe and Lamar marriage must be coming to a head at some point.

Do you think these two will make it?


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khloe you are a beautiful person inside out you dont deserve to be unhappy. you can be so much more and make so much more than you have, dont give up on yourself. out of all you are my favorite be happy you only live once .


Why isn't there an option for "Who cares" on the question? It's called Karma Khloe?? How many people have you trashed, including your own husband? I'm sick of the Ktrash clan... Go away with all your skanky family!!

@ janie

Yet you read their stories and give them the attention they so crave. How are you any better than them?

@ janie



Khloe was the vocal liar who trashed Kris Humphries when Humphries was the best of all the men in that K trash group. KARMA FOR KHLOE she’s earned by lying and creating hate for Kris the victim at the same time she knew LamLam as she calls Odom, was alwys diong drugs. Khloe pretended to be the one who told the truth and was out spoken and honest when she was the biggest liar of all.


One of the answers in the multiple choice should've been "I don't care!"


You just gotta love this girl. Ever since her departure from her african american crackhead husband she now displays herself with this "Jennifer Aniston" girl next door appearance. no more dark side look. she's and original little orphan annie. what's next will she start dating jim carey or a michael bolden look alike.


It should have ended two years ago when khloe stating that lamar had cocaine addiction for two years and she has known about all of this time and soon after all lamar's infedility issues exposed he then turns out to be some drugged out NBA player that khloe claims she tries to save her husband. The marriage was a contract marriage and the time is up no one really knows what details were in the contract and both have a tight PRENUP so that one or the other can not sue for money. Khloe kills me still feels or going through the motions to being this I got to save lamar from himself. No lamar has to save hisself from khloe a wife knowing details of her supposed to be husband was a cocaine addict and did nothing for him immediately that tells you a lot about khloes state of mind. Khloes thinks like a little girl that is why ninja mommager kris jenner has to make all the serious decision making for her ok. Khloe can not handle the pressure of pressures. Now khloe stalks to Ryan Seacrest who is also behind the FAKENESS as well. People are not so stupid as the whole wicked cursed kardashian thinks. Soon it will be a Wrap can not wait till 2015 it can not get here fast enough. Prayers to all!