Khloe Kardashian to Lamar Odom: Get Help or Get Out!

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Khloe Kardashian is laying down the law. Either Lamar Odom goes to rehab and actually sticks with it this time or he can pack his things and hit the road.

He is not welcome back in their home until he gets clean.

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As has been well documented, Lamar Odom has a problem with drugs and has been unwilling to address it since his addiction spun out of control.

Khloe Kardashian has kicked him out before, only to cave and take him back, but Lamar's DUI arrest Friday morning was apparently the last straw.

According to reports, Lamar didn't even call Khloe OR his lawyers after the arrest, leaving them to find out when TMZ broke the story hours later.

Suffice it to say, his estranged wife was far from thrilled with him.

Khloe and Lamar did spend time together Saturday, but after four hours of talking about his addiction to crack and who knows what else, he was sent away.

To go look for his own apartment? 

Score some crack from the junkies downtown?

Tool around with his "crack head" enabler/mistress Polina Polonsky?

No one knows, but the basketball star clearly isn't taking a hint, leaving his wife at the end of her rope and with little choice but to do what she did.

Sources say the couple is "still at an impasse" regarding his addiction, which seems ludicrous given how one-sided the debate should be at this point.

Embroiled in cheating scandals and what looks like a serious substance abuse problem, Odom is effectively ruining his marriage, NBA career and life.

What is Khloe to do at this point? She clearly wants to save Lamar in all those respects, but without effort or even admission on his part it will be a lost cause.

No wonder an insider says the future of their union looks "grim."

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom: Will it last?


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This is a tragic situation no matter who it is happening to. Unfortunately, being rich and famous does not protect anyone from heartbreak. Khloe, if you are reading this, you have many, many fans who love you are on your side. Only you can decide what's the right thing for you to do in this situation; stay strong.


i love to read comments,, you people act as if your in their bedroom and know all the details,,,i have to say, i don't know what khloe has to do with lamar's drug problem or why should should tolerate it, and she is far from ugly,,keep the comments coming,,very entertaining,,khloe is laughing all the way to the bank..

@ donna

Couldn't agree more!

@ donna

So agree, HATERS.


you know I whoever I am I think people should bud out leave the couple alone either they shall figure out without busy bodys bugging them people should take care of their own home first


When does this Kardashian family drama stop. They all need medical help.

@ robertL



She was done with him the minute she started dieting and revamping her Chebacca image. That's why Lamar appears to be depressed. This b*tch is more worried about her image more than anything. She realized that Lamar"s career was over and he was of no use to her. Where else could she get dolled up to show up at a game so that she could use it as a photo op. The prenup is another clue. She gets more money if he cheats. She was hiding her true self from the public because she is an ugly person. Why doesn't anyone ever question why she was never anyone's favorite? Who has a Glam Team on speed dial so that she could do her filtered "selfies"?You saw what she did to her pregnant(at the time) sister's house because she didn't include her in a conversation. This b*tch is very vindictive and she is the only one yapping BS about Lamar. If Lamar was smart he would run as fast as he could even though it won't be easy.This also might be all bullcrap and they want to stay relevant in order to get their own reality show.

@ jay

Hmmm, looks like someone put way touch thought into something about someone who could give two rat nutsacks about you.....was it worth it?


Lamar: Run and run fast from Khloe and the Kardashians.
WHO do you think is feeding the media all these stories and
details?? The Kardashians are. The Kardashians are TRASH,
Trailer Trash without the trailer. They use any one to promote
themselves and don't care about anyone but themselves.
There is/are better people that you will meet and be happy
with other than these self consumed , no talent , publicity seeking

@ Rodney

What a fucking moron you are. I hope you're nowhere close to being this stupid to the outside world!

@ Rodney



Agree. Khloe has no choice. Sad, but that's what he's left her with.


big sister Kim really cares about black people, KHLOE ONLY CARES ABOUT HERSELF, folks!!

@ abe

Are you on crack?

@ Seth

The answer to that is Yeah!

@ Seth

Ditto. It's sad that this should happen to Khloe. She is the only sister with a heart and any real common sense, but that's how life can be ... totally unfair. Show that loser the door! You deserve better than that.

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