Khloe Kardashian: Klueless About Lamar Odom Rehab Entry

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Lamar Odom is off to rehab, which is positive news for the struggling basketball and reality star.

But it's simply news to Khloe Kardashian, according to a new TMZ report: she was never informed of Odom's decision, finding out about it the same way as anyone else... via the Internet.

Lamar on the Street
Khloe Kardashian in Sweats

Over the weekend, Khloe issued an ultimatum to her husband, telling him to get help or their marriage would be over.

The couple hasn't talked since, though one would have expected Odom to tell his wife that he was heeding her advice and seeking professional assistance.

But perhaps Lamar is waiting to ensure it takes this time, considering he also checked in to a treatment center in San Diego last summer and only lasted three weeks.

We wish him the best of luck this time around. The future of his NBA career, his marriage to Khloe and, most importantly, his general health and well-being are at stake. But no pressure, Lammy!

We know you can kick this thing.


In my opinion khloe kardashian is still trying to look as if she is this perfect wifey, well khloe has her demons and this is no attack on her personally. Khloe has been partying up within the last week and why she is no more concerned about lamar than her Ninja mommager,kris jenner ok who now can not stand lamar because kris is not getting her 10% on the table. Khloe has her drinking demons and sooner or later all will be revealed that a woman scorned would go to any extent to bring a person down. Lamar will be find I just pray that he moves on and focus on his true biological children and not on someone after two years put his business all on blast. Why all because lamar chose to have other women in his life and believe khloe has always known about all of them because she keeps a detective on watch 100%. Remember all of this is for the reality show and to make khloe this innocent wifey khloe is a swinger she said it from her own mouth. do the research. Prayers to all still praying for lamar to get strong,stay strong and know that god loves him dearly.


what a fine young man he is. great father/husband. hey lamar did your child cry yesterday? what did they eat, did they go to school. were they ever left alone. did you read then a night time story hen they went to bed? oh ...wait im sorry you were busy smoking crack.

@ the jaker

you obviously know nothing because he doesn't even have a kid.


I think everyone had skeletons in their closet. Don't put her down because he is her husband. I am sure she wants the best for him.

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