Khloe Kardashian: Kleared of STDs, "Physically Sick" Over Abundance of Lamar Odom Mistresses

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Lamar Odom may be involved in some seriously dirty business these days, but Khloe Kardashian is clean and in the clear.

STD-wise, we mean.

She allegedly felt "physically sick to her stomach when Lamar admitted" having affairs a few months ago, especially when he added that he "didn’t use protection 100 percent of the time."

As a result, Kardashian had herself tested for a full range of sexually transmitted diseases.

"She is healthy, thankfully, but never thought this would happen to her," the source says.

"It’s bad enough that Lamar betrayed their marriage vows" by cheating on Khloe, "but to place her health in jeopardy is just disgusting.”

So far, Jennifer Richardson, Polina Polonsky and Sandy Schultz have all revealed themselves to have slept with Lamar during his marriage to Khloe.

It's unclear at this time with which woman Odom went raw.

Radar Online also claims Khloe hired a private investigator to trail her NBA player husband after she became suspicious of his penis-related activities.

“Khloe has not only photographic proof that Lamar cheated on her with at least five different women, but has copies of text messages between Lamar and the other women,” the site says.

“She is a very smart woman and knew she had to get the proof because of the infidelity clause in their prenup.”

It's all so very sad. Is there any hope at all for Khloe and Lamar at this point? You tell us:


Khloe when she was doing a radio show she had drugs with her that she claim she got it by the street, I smell a rat here are you sure she is not a seller


She is not a smart woman it just prove khloe was in it for money nothing else. Lama was a slave, he worked for her she was just a poser just like her sister. Kanye you are next.


Its sad that Khloe and her family has thrown Lamar to the wolves ,to make money. If she really wanted to help him ,they would be doing all this in private.....,there kicking Lamar when he is already hitting rock bottom! I understand he needs help but trashing him in the public eye is just revenge in my eyes! I thought Khloe was better then that oops I was wrong!


She was only negative because they didn't test for Klamydia or the Klap.


khole..get over it your big ugly man is sleeping with a another wome due that your too busy 4 is spending money on crack to to hear your crying mouth..


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She pretty much stick with his black A$$. No, one will want her except another black guy...


This is what she gets!! Taking someone else's man and dad away just to compete with her sisters??? And who would share such info about any STDs in general?? So this is just more bullshit news. He dribbles more than basketballs and she found out the hard way, up close and personal right at the foul line! Lamar betta watch out, she might do an OJ on him!!


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