Kenichi Ebina Labeled "Biggest Talent in the World" by Howie Mandel

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Samantha Lynn Goudie may have a talent for drinking, but she's no Kenichi Ebina.

The unique dancer wowed audiences and judges once again on America's Got Talent last night, with Howie Mandel exclaiming:

"You, sir, are the biggest talent in the world.... You have the variety. You’re a comedian. You are a dancer. You are a mime. You are an artist. You are a writer... You’re the man. You should win a million dollars!”

Heidi Klum chimed in and labeled Ebina a "genius," while Melanie Brown said she would pay to see him in Vegas.

Is Ebina being over-praised? Actually under-praised? Watch highlights from his performance below and decide for yourself:


Howie Mandel is an idiot. He and Howard Stern should both be fired. As judges, they should give constructive criticism, not tell the viewers who to vote for -- yet, they did it repeatedly. And they even went so far as to put a hand over Mel B.'s mouth when she attempted to say something that might have been negative about one of their favorites. And last night all of a sudden, she was doing what they have been doing -- saying this person has to win this. Right then and there I knew the fix was in. I have lost all respect for the integrity of this show as a result. Forte should have definitely won this!!!! They are the most talented of all these acts. Love Jimmy Rose, but Forte has the edge here. As far as Kenichi -- boring -- I go to the kitchen for a glass of water when he's on. Same with Cami Bradley. Both are way overhyped by the judges, who are not really doing their job when they say who should win. They are going over their boundaries and should just critique the acts and shut up. Do you hear that Howie and Howard?????? Don't tell America who is good and how to vote! We know how to do that, thank you.

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