Katherine Heigl: Blacklisted By TV, Movie Execs Over Diva-Like Behavior?

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Katherine Heigl is not a sought-after actress in Hollywood these days, according to a new report, with film and TV insiders saying she's a giant pain.

A source who worked with her on 2010's Life As We Know It described to THR some "desperately difficult situations" with Heigl on the movie set.

"She can cost you time every single day of shooting," the source said. "Wardrobe issues, not getting out of the trailer, questioning the script every single day."

Making matters worse, THR says, is her mother and manager Nancy Heigl, who has worked closely with her daughter since her days as a child model.

"I have never experienced anything like Nancy Heigl," says the source.

"It's about the mouth. 'F--- you. You are a f---ing liar.' Whatever you'd say, you were an idiot. The call would be, 'This is the worst craft service we've ever had!"

"There's nothing to eat! This is the worst wardrobe!' Every day, you're going to get slammed. The frustrating part is [Katherine Heigl] is so incredibly talented and smart."

Another source tells THR that the pair made similarly outrageous requests for 2008's 27 Dresses, following Heigl's star-making turn in Knocked Up.

"There were movie-star demands ... big rooms, the mother there, all the stuff ... a sense of entitlement. Even the biggest stars don't do that kind of thing."

As Heigl endeavors to rebuild her career following a slew of box office flops, one TV executive quoted in the story says that Heigl's infamy is beyond bad. 

So bad, the one-time Grey's Anatomy Emmy-winner was nixed as a lead in a new pilot. "On many levels, she would have been perfect for the role," said the exec.

"But all of us said, 'She's not worth it.'"

At least she still looks hot in a bikini?

Life as We Know It producer Denise Di Novi says the story is "way exaggerated," but acknowledges that both of the Heigls "are not shrinking violets."

"They're very straightforward and tell you what they think."


There's no redeeming acting qualities about this woman. She sucks period, the only good part i liked about her acting was when she died on Greys Anatomy and that was heavily supported by T.R Knight

@ firebug666

She didn't die on Grey's Anatomy. She left the hospital when Alex talked to Richard about her. Then she came back one day to bring her old each er to have surgery, and that was her last apperance.


Not one bit of this THG article surprises me. At all. Back in the day, I once read somewhere that Katherine Heigl was a total nightmare to work with on the set of that horror movie slasher Valentine. So, as revenge, the director of the movie had Katherine's character killed off early on in the movie. As for that mother of Katherine's, I hear that Nancy has a diva-like reputation for acting like one of those stage-mother-from-hell-types...disrupting film sets during production, annoying directors, cursing out crew members (especially cameramen), constantly talking during filming, very rudely eavesdropping on private conversations, etc.. Bottom Line: Someday, Hollywood (in general) is gonna get tired of BOTH Katherine, that rude-ass mother of hers and their dumb-as-hell shenanigans and end up BLACKLISTING the both of them. KARMA, PEOPLE...KARMA!!!!!


Can't stand her. How does she get through doorways with that swelled head??


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Nancy barnard
@ FrankieSWheeler

And this has what to do with the story? God, I'm so sick of you damn spammers taking every single opportunity to cram your idiotic, scheming crap down everyone's throats anytime you get the chance. Get a real job and get a freakin' life!

@ Nancy Barnard

Nancy...YES...THANK YOU!!!!! You are so RIGHT ON!!!!! I, also, am so sick of all of those stupid-ass spammers. All they do is hog the Internet with their dumb and inane babbling on and on. BEYOND DUMB AS HELL!!!!! Take care, Nancy.


Katherine deserves to have her untalented, egocentric ass blacklisted from every form of entertainment. Nobody wants to see her anyway no matter how beautiful she may be. She should've never have let her ego and her insufferable mouth do the talking. But she had to be a dumbass! Oh well Such as life!




............some shocking achievements..............NOTHING?

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