Kanye West Hates on Corporations, Rants: WE MAKE GOOD MUSIC!

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Kanye West is hilariously at it again.

Following a rant that asked whether he's a demon, another in which he compared himself to Hitler and one that slammed the paparazzi, an inebriated West grabbed the mic at a Pusha T listening party last night.

Going off about corporations, sellouts and stupid designer t-shirts, Kim Kardashian's baby daddy screamed to a cheering crowd:

"We make good music, we make good music. We don’t give a f-ck about how much god damn money you make, we make good music!"

Well, okay then. You tell 'em, Kanye! And you listen to him do so, THGers:


What an annoying idiot!


Enough about this man child. I wonder if he has ever thought of charity giving.

@ robertL

Seriously. K and K do they give to Any charity. Matter of fact does her family give to or belong to any charity beside Botox?


Talk about a hypocrite. His record contract is through a major corporation (Universal), his baby momma's show is produced by a major corporation and all of the products that he endorses are manufactured by major corporations. So basically, everything that he is stating that he is against is actually something that he is for (which, in turn makes him fake).
Annoying people like Kanye West will say these things but lack the integrity to follow through with anything that they say. Also, his music isn't that good. It's actually quite overrated and eventually his fanbase of suburban white teenage males will grow out of their "rap phase".


that's what he thinks...............................about good music.


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