Justin Bieber Mocks Homeless Guy on Intervention: Funny or Foul?

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Justin Bieber has released a new video that some may deem more inappropriate than peeing in a restaurant mop bucket.

The singer has posted footage to Instagram in which he and a friend make fun of a dude from the show Intervention, mocking his unusual cry and seemingly pathetic existence.

Does the Intervention dude, who we see briefly in the video, make some weird sounds? Yes. Is he also a homeless crack addict who may not deserve to be the butt of jokes from a multi-millionaire celebrity? Many would say so.

Watch now, ask yourself if this what Miley Cyrus means when she says Bieber is immature and then respond below:

Justin Bieber mocking a homeless drug addict is...


I guess being discovered via youtube gives him some sort of entitlement to make fun of those who are less fortunate. How old is Justin again 4 or is it 5 now? Then again for the pop star who performed for his grandma naked we can't expect much class from him, now can we?


Heres the obvious difference between a Leader and a Follower. Obviously Justin is a FOLLOWER!!


I understand that comics use social issues all the time and subjects like dumpster diving is open fodder. But Bieber seems to have no understanding oh how he comes across. I guess his handlers only handle the money he pay them to hi five every stupid thing he does. Growing pains!


What a self entitled little brat. Thats just classless, and he posts it himself, no shame. I get the heat of the moment, hes young, thought it was funny. He posted it for his little followers to see? Not cool


Ivan, he is a nasty ungrateful little boy and as one of his sheep you will make childish excuses for him. Only a child defends someone by throwing others under the bus! The problem is its not normal for a 30somthing man to pathologically defend him the way I see you all over. SICK MAN!


Obviously this is an anti-bieber site but does not anyone have a sense of humor anymore. Bieber makes fun of himself also as he has shown in videos. Why is everything he does a cause for criticizm. comedians on television such as David Letterman do this all the time and get a pass. Did I here a complaint in this site about his goofing on Sarah Palin's sick daughter?

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