Justin Bieber Honors Avalanna Routh on Anniversary of Her Death

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One year ago today, Avalanna Routh passed away.

The six-year old, affectionately known around the Web as "Mrs. Bieber," met the singer on multiple occasions and inspired everyone familiar with her battle against brain cancer.

And in honor of her death, Bieber took to Twitter this morning and posted a tribute to little Avalanna.

“Will never forget my girl. RIP Avalanna #mrsbieber," he wrote, along with the video on the bottom right:

It's been a busy day of Justin Bieber-based videos overall on THG:


i like justin bieber

@ yedepaaung

Isn't he the kindest & most
compassionate guy?
He is Canadian so there you go.


Please can i download justin bieber videos in my phone


his managers hope more NAÏVE americans will buy his music now!!
(so they become richer)

@ abe

Why do you always gotta be so
cynical? There are genuinely
nice people in the music business.
(a few anyway)


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