Jessica Simpson: Sorry For Kim Kardashian! Jealous of Kate Middleton!

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Jessica Simpson knows a thing or two about being pregnant, and in a new interview, she weighed in on a couple of other famous new moms as well:

  1. Kim Kardashian, with whom she sympathizes
  2. Kate Middleton, who she's totes jealous of

It's hard for any new mom not to be a little envious of Kate Middleton, given her post-baby body and what she calls a beautiful, natural childbirth experience.

As for Kim Kardashian, Jess feels for you girl.

Long the subject of weight criticism, Simpson, like Kardashian, says she is simply a curvy woman who can't avoid putting on a lot of weight while with child.

While she indulged in the occasional craving while pregnant with son Ace, Jessica tried to stay active and watch her weight, but largely to no avail.

She also admits that the weight has been harder to lose this time than when she gave birth to daughter Maxwell last year, which has been a struggle.

In Kim Kardashian, she feels she has a kindred spirit, as both voluptuous stars were pregnant and have been scrutinized for their weight in the public eye.

Bottom line, though? They all look great.

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I feel bad for any woman who has to go thought pregnancy in the public know what? Fuck that shit!!!! Any so called man or so called woman who dares make any female feel bad for gaining weight while pregnant CAN SUCK MY CUNT. Women are suppose to gain weight....they're growing an extra life in thier womb you dumb Idiot fucks! And no woman should be made to feel any kind of ridicule for that. And if you think that, then you deserve to be placed in a 5150 hold for psychotic assholes with sensitivity issues.


I told you, kate!!