James Arthur Covers Wrecking Ball: Listen Now!

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Another day, another take on the Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball."

But this one isn't a hedgehog parody.

Instead, it's a legitimately impressive version of the singer's number-one smash and it comes to us from British artist James Arthur. The Middlesbrough is accompanied below by only a piano - and his own terrific vocals - as he puts a unique spin on Miley's latest single.

And he does it while remaining clothed and not licking a single sledgehammer. Watch now:

Arthur isn't the first crooner to take on "Wrecking Ball."

Take a look now at a variety of Miley Cyrus covers and tributes.


Hi Julianna... I am happy for JArmy to do as they wish with any of my comments... in support of James Arthur. Incidently, my peers and I, simply adore 'Recovery' and believe his self revealing, creative lyrics will motivate others to be more emotionally honest, when striving for good mental health. What an emotionally self aware and bright young chap he is. Wishing James Arthur and JArmy a peaceful and loving xmas.


what about the deaf-mute-society? well, GO TO SIX FLAGS AND HAVE A GOOD TIME!!


Whatever James covers, his version is always utterly sensational. He does not use any grand gestures or 'sex up' his performance. Not only is he a charming, self depricating chap, who is completely now learning to believe in himself, he, essentially, has a natural ability to generate an incredibly powerful and captivating perfomance. The X- Factor did not make this guy a multi - talented superstar, he was already there... the X-Factor merely put him on our screens, for everyone to embrace. Despite historical detrimental media coverage, James stands for everything that is good in a humanbeing, in terms of mental health and anti-bullying beliefs and values. This veracious individual has an inner strength that will not allow the media to sabatage him and will allow him to have an incredible career in the music industry.

@ The Psychologist

Your words are amazing...I took them and add to www.facebook.com/JamesArthurFa... pages BIO...as it is a quote, if u like I will add your real name to it. whising u the best: Julianna