Jacque Rae Pyles: Tight with Justin Bieber, Probably Hooking Up with Him

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In a new interview with E! News, Jacque Rae Pyles says she's single.

So that settles all questions about whether or not she has a romantic entanglement with Justin Bieber, right? After the two were spotted in Las Vegas together last week for the big Floyd Mayweather match?

Not exactly.

Pyles tells the site she's known Bieber for five years and hesitated when asked to quantify their relationship.

"That's a hard question. Maybe mentorship," Jacque Rae said. "Just because of where his career is at, and where mine is at, he's definitely helpful and everything."

A rep for Bieber did not comment last week when asked if his client was dating Pyles and, again, this 19-year old did tell E! she's single… but only after a few moments of silence.

As for what she looks for in a member of the opposite sex?

"I just like someone with a sense of humor," she said. "Someone that can make me laugh. Like if I'm down, they can just lift my spirits and make everything better."

Does Justin possess these qualities? For sure, Pyles said. Will she be seeing him again in the near future?

"Yes, definitely," she replied.

Sorry, Selena Gomez.


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I dont know if i should believe that Lil Swallow likes women after years of him bending over for Usher and Chris Brown.


her former job as nanny is a blessing.


Lil Swallow only swings with Lil Black Boys


Not sorry for Selena Gomez at all. She's a fucking cunt.

@ Marly

Tsk, the language. What proof do you have that she is that? Run, Jacque!!!!!

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@ Ahmad Malik

Are you sure that is how she made the money and not laying on her back?

@ Ahmad Malik

get lost with the spam, ma'am.

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