Jacque Rae Pyles: Dating Justin Bieber?!?

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Justin Bieber will not be playing Robin in the Man of Steel sequel. The singer himself pretty much squashed that rumor.

But now new chatter has cropped up around the singer: Is he dating Jacque Rae Pyles?!?

The young artist met Bieber on the set of the film School Gyrls in 2009. She and Justin were photographed together a number of times back then, though they never confirmed a romance.

However, with Selena Gomez now officially out of the picture, Pyles sat alongside Bieber at New York Fashion Week this month (Instagram-ing the photos above as proof) and was also spotted exiting his private plane in Las Vegas over the weekend.

Moreover, Pyles attended the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards and was jokingly called out by Bieber over Twitter, as the 19-year old told her to "get off ur phone" at one point during the event.

We'll keep monitoring this situation, but consider the hashtag Pyles included along with the pictures she posted to Instagram of herself and The Biebs: #blessed.

To be seeing Justin Bieber naked? It sure seems that way.

Jacque Rae Pyles with Justin Bieber

THG y do u always post things so late I always know this stuff be4 u post them...BUT I LOVE JUSTIN, HIS A CUTIE...


I hope his smelly little pecker falls off. Gross litle balls . His daddy now ... He can smash my puss around

@ GAary

Sad to note that you are missing yours.


Are you kidding?! He couldn't be sitting more away from her without leaving his seat ofc ... They're just friends! Why can't Justin hang out with a girl without every freaken media source think they're dating?! Until photographed kissing on the lips shut the f*** up!


He seems to be dating the guy on his right.


Lil' Swallow doesn't like girls. Selena was a studio setup to cover his TOP Lil' Twist.


ENIOUGH about this child.

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