Jack Klugman Snubbed By Emmy Awards; Son Not Happy With Cory Monteith Tribute

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Jack Klugman’s son Adam is not pleased at the perceived snub of his father, who died last December, from the main Emmy Awards tributes in 2013.

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    It truly was sad that the idiot in charge of the Emmy's, Ken Erlich, doesn't understand the difference between honoring TV legends and honoring a flash-in-the-pan. There's been many people over the decades that passed away while their one show was still running, but I don't remember the Emmy's doing anything special for them other than putting them in the memorial reel. That is the only spot that Cory should have been placed. Erlich had the Monteith tribute in there only to try and draw in the kids to watch the show, which is pathetic if you ask me. If I'm not mistaken, Jack was on more Twilight Zone episodes than anyone other than Burgess Meredith, and coincidentally, starred opposite Jonathan Winters in an episode called A Game of Pool. The Twilight Zone is a show that has and will be seen by almost everyone from now until the end of time... Glee will not ever achieve that status since it is only seen by kids like my neice and nephew (10 and 12). Jack won Emmy's for his work on Quincy and the Odd Couple... was Cory ever even nominated for Glee? Was there ever a more famous question in the entire history of tv than the question... who shot JR? And is there any man or boy on the planet that does not still wish he was Major Anthony Nelson (including apparently Bill Clinton)? To not do a special tribute to Larry Hagman and Jack Klugman in favor of doing one for Cory Monteith is a complete and utter travesty, aad the reason why my wife and I did not watch the show this year. By the way, did my neice and nephew. So appaently the ploy didn't work. Most likely the majority of people that watched the show were there for the well deserved Gandolfini tribute. It seems that show biz these days likes to make stars out of drugheads, thugs and pornstars. How very sad for humanity.


    I agree. It's a shame that the Emmys chose to honor a little known, drug addicted flavor-of-the-month instead of a true icon of television. Whoever made that poor decision should be ashamed.


    This is the reason my son refused to help his school. They were too busy putting a memorial In the yearbooks for kids who died while driving. And all of them where due to drugs and alcohol. But if someone died of cancer nothing was mentioned. He finally told the school to quit honoring STUPID. He felt they were condoning drugs and alcohol!!!!!

    @ Liz

    Liz...I give BOTH you and your son major KUDOS AND PROPS!!!!! It seems to me that you're raising your son to stand up for what he believes in. And I think that is TRULY AWESOME!!!!! H-O-L-L-A!!!!!!


    Jack Klugman was a pioneer of TV and known more for Odd Couple and Quincy...his work on Twilight Zone and 12 Angry Men were tremendous. It is a complete outrage his career was not highlighted with Jonathan Winters. While Monteith dying is sad, his career was nothing compared to Klugman's...isn't that why we have these memoriums??? For GREATNESS???


    At most, Cory could have been mentioned but not the tribute he received. Klugman was a stand up guy that actually won Emmys. What could have been does not matter.

    @ Chris

    Absolutely right!


    Did Cory Monteith deserve to be spotlighted at the Emmys last night? Not no, but H-no!!!! He career was tio short-lived, and was too drug-infested!!!! Adam Klugman had every right to feel as he did, and say what he had to say. A talent such as Jack Klugman got shafted!!!!....so did so many others that passed away in the last year!!!!


    Couldn't agree more! Giving any notion to Cory who was a drug user is beyond stupid. This is what the world has now descended to; honoring drug users and alcoholics instead of those that actually deserve it! Not a very good picture to paint for future generations. (oh, guess what? I can be a drug user, overdose, and be remembered for it, instead of any good deeds I might do!)


    @Robocop...I totally agree & I could not have written it better myself.


    @Robocop...I totally agree & I could not have written it better myself.


    Cory Monteith absolutely did not deserve to be spotlighted last night at the Emmys because his career was too short-lived, and because of the drug filled way he lived and died. Adam Klugman had every right to feel the way he did, and say what he had to say, and I applaud him for it!!!!

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