Farrah Abraham Wants More Single Twitter Followers

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Just when you thought Farrah Abraham had hit rock bottom, she proves you wrong. No, not because she's "Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom."

She's just redefining where the bottom is.

The sex tape star and her creepily vacant expression took to Twitter and suggested that, y'know, people should follow her. Well, if "your" single that is.

Farrah Abraham Topless Pic

Why? WHY would anyone follow Farrah Abraham? Unless you're just curious what on earth she would post about ... in which case we sort of get it.

We don't entirely get it, because it's more than likely going to be Farrah tweeting about strippers, porn or "staying positive" despite "haters," but sorta.

The other funny part?

She randomly tweeted all of the UK too. Perhaps she's already exhausted her supply of sugar daddy sites to troll domestically and wants to branch out.

Farrah Single

Whatever is going on up there, we can't say. But if she gets bored, here are some other groups of people she could Tweet about joining Farrah Nation:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous members (for her obvious problem)
  • U.S. Congress (so they'll actually have something to do)
  • Sex tape buyers (it's all about social media marketing)
  • Westboro Baptist Church (for entertainment value)
  • Jenelle Evans (same thing)
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Is a catskan powerful enough to pick up that little dingleberry inside that big ole' head???

@ melmel

I'm guessing if they took a look- little peckers would be floating around inside that head.


This "Picked over" skank should just be glad her laptop hasn't been repossessed. Need more tweeters? What she needs is a Catskan!

@ Sims

Can you watch the videos on here😶

Farrah Abraham Quotes

[On her DUI arrest] I did not endanger anyone's life.

Jenelle [Evans] has all the potential to turn her negatives into a positive like I have.