Eiza Gonzalez: Totally in Love with Liam Hemsworth!

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Man, Liam Hemsworth must be some kisser!

Having met The Hunger Games star just over a week ago during a nightclub party in honor of the Floyd Mayweather boxing match, Eiza Gonzalez is reportedly totally in love with the actor already.

An anonymous friend of the 23-year old singer confirms to Life & Style that Gonzalez spent last Sunday night with Hemsworth and that the two "never left" each other's side during this weekend in Las Vegas.

"They’ve moved really fast," this pal tells the tabloid, as evidenced by the photos of Eiza kissing Liam that surfaced last Tuesday.

The images hit the Internet just 24 hours after the world learned Hemsworth had split with fiancee Miley Cyrus, but multiple sources say the couple actually called it quits weeks earlier, but Miley did not want the news to go public.

Liam and Eiza will be apart for the near future because he's busy filming The Hunger Games movies, wile she’s promoting Los Croods in Mexico City, but this insider says the two plan to continue their courtship once their schedules clear up.

Still, do not cry for Cyrus.

She is allegedly hooking up with music producer Mike Will Made It.

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She is attractive and interesting to look. I always feel like some celeb guys hook up with boring, average or not-so-attractive women.


I think this story is Liam is a bit of a playboy picking up this chick at a bar. Took her home, banging all night and dropping her suit case in the morning.
Yeah this girl is a much better example for young girls... when you meet a guy go home and sleep with him then annouce your love within a week.... Thsi chick is a JOKE!!!!!
Think of it this way honey... if you cheated with him with OUR AMERICAN MILEY... you will be old news by tomorrow or until another weekend BAR night!!! LMFAO Lovely cheater meets Mexicana HO!!! Welcome!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA....... you will never be HANNA or even climb to her level go back HOME! At least let him sleep with you a few more times this is entertaining!!!!


"anonymous friend"? yeah...right:)!


They totaly don't match....liam should open his eyes...


because she is totally in love with all the celebs & reporters who want her picture & autograph now..............


Beauty is beauty even if it came from plastic surgery. Eiza is far more attractive than Miley. Let's face it.


Liam Hemsworth will Break your heart the same way you did it


Oh please........its called lust not love and love takes time to develop sharing a life together he may think he likes her rebound relationships never work out wait till he gets to know her her twitter post are very bitchey and nasty she ccccrazy Liams going to be running from her shortly shes a crackerjack to be making malicious comment about Liams ex fiance they were once very much in love obviously shes soooo jealous of Miley she has to bag her out and to say shes in love omg Liams in for a Fatal Attraction goodluck getting rid of that psycho when you find out shes ccccrazy


Not surprising that a 23 year old falls in love with every beautiful girl he sleeps with. Doesn't take rocket science to figure it out. Sounds like his Latin hottie plans on making the most of it. Both Miley and Liam should cool their jets.


Eiza has the most amazing Instagram account - check out the best pics! http://www.selfieshare.com/201...