Eiza Gonzalez Plastic Surgery Photos: Before and After

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Liam Hemsworth has himself a new woman.

And that new woman has a relatively new face.

With Eiza Gonzalez making headlines around the world for making out with Miley Cyrus' ex, celebrity gossip sites are all over every move this 23-year old singer makes. Look, there she is smoking!

Along those lines, many are now wondering about Eiza's plastic surgery history. She's already admitted to a nose job, but has she also received chin implants? And where these moves an improvement?

Compare the rising star's new look with her old look now and decide which you like best:


What a fake slut.


I Thing eiza gonzalez esta siendo bien para miley . bey que vas bien pipiri nice.


She looked fine before. Its not like she was unattractive before. Now she looks disgusting. So damn fake.


What a fake ass. Is no one real anymore.


so we call eating disorders "losing that adolescent weight" now?


she only read the book: GETTING SLIM WITH THE SPEED OF LIGHT!!

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