Dunkin Donuts Blackface Ad Prompts Company Apology

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Facing pressure from multiple human rights organizations in the United States, Dunkin Donuts has apologized for an ad that ran recently in Thailand and which depicted a woman in blackface.

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    I think a large portion of American's read too much into things and over inflate our importance within other countries. This ad was never intended for the American market. It was directed towards a market where blackface is not common. However, having watched it I did not see anything racist or even get what they were trying to convey. The only thing I could think was she was immersed in the chocolate menu. I don't think anyone in Thailand was saying "mmmm I see that as a racist commercial aimed at black individuals". No their saying "oh yeah I want a chocolate doughnut". People need to stop playing the race card over every little thing.


    Perhaps if the caricaturization of black people in movies and TV with white actors in blackface with exaggerated overemphasized lips painted red was covered in our public schools offense to actions like these would be understood.

    @ Geneva Chapman

    Thank you for shedding some light on the obvious!

    @ Geneva Chapman

    Or maybe people need to stop looking for reasons to be angry.


    Maybe its just me, but i personally don't see the racism... I don't get the point of the ad either but oh well...

    @ Cara Wingert

    I don't get it either and racism never once crossed my mind.


    Ooooohhhh brother. What if it showed a topless blackface with tube sock teets and flies all over the face? That would sell doughnuts.


    Americans have hang ups which they cant get over ......

    @ Sandra Horas

    It's called guilt and it's heavily invested in and has yet to pay a dividend.

    @ Sims

    And its obvious that America won't let them get over it either!


    so white americans appologize for their bad habits towards black people in the past?

    @ abe

    I don't get the question mark. That in itself makes me wonder where you have been.

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