Duck Dynasty Shirt Banned From Virginia School, Deemed "Threatening"

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According to at least one school in Virginia, the bearded stars of Duck Dynasty aren't just a frightening sight for barbers across the country.

As recounted by a local NBC affiliate, a student in Dinwiddle, Virginia named Hunter Spain wore a shirt with the face of Si Robertson and was ordered to remove it or face punishment.

The teenager was told the attire was "threatening" to other kids at Dinwiddie High School.

"It says, 'I will hurt you physically and metaphysically,'" said Hunter's mother, Edna-Jo. "Anybody that ever watches Duck Dynasty knows that Si Robertson is famous for his little funny slogans."

Officials told Hunter to turn the shirt inside out or go home and he says he took the latter option because he didn't want to "look stupid in front of all of these young ladies in the school."

Explained School Superintendent David Clark in an email regarding the situation:

"If you are a Duck Dynasty fan you understand the meaning of the shirt. But if you haven't watched Duck Dynasty you may question if the shirt implies violence. As a school division, we would like to keep our slogans on student shirts as non-violent as possible."

The Robertsons, ironically, are devout Christians who often preach at a church near their home in Louisiana.

Do you think this student should have been forced to change his Duck Dynasty shirt?


Seems to me more like the school needs to brush up on some DUCK DYNASTY and stop looking into everything as been bad and then pass this along to the rest of the world....All our world has gotten scare happy and instead of defusing the problem correctly they strike at anything that shows a possible sign of guns or fighting or death...Instead of bringing GOD back into our schools and discipline in our homes and schools not time out! Really smh our world is so screwed up we don't even know what end is up or down


my son wore the angry bird shirt that said flipping the bird & it had the red bird in the slingshot & they told him to turn his shirt inside out as well...i mean come on you could tell there was NOTHING wrong with it...there was NO middle finger showing it was a BIRD & had all the other birds with it....they make our kids turn there shirts inside out...but you dont see them telling the girls that they need to change there shorts because they are to short...


my son had to change his shirt because it had motorcycles on it and was from a motorcycle charity ride where hooters a resturant was a sponser, really?! get over it


acting like a school from Virgin-ia?

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