DMX Runs Naked Lap Around Hotel, Just Because

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DMX ran laps around a hotel naked in Detroit last weekend for reasons unknown.

Fortunately, there is security video that documents this, whatever the impetus:

The video, posted on TMZ, clearly shows X wearing boxer shorts with socks and hilariously, a house arrest ankle bracelet as he prepares to channel Usain Bolt.

As an employee removes room service trays from a nearby room, he takes off!

Dropping his shorts with a huge grin on his face, he bursts into a full-on sprint.

Eventually, the rapper returned to the starting line and casually walked back to his room as if nothing ever happened. All in a day's work for X.

His explanation, according to the celebrity news site? Simply that he "felt like" doing a naked run that day and "I'm not ashamed of anything I got."

Good to know. We're just astonished that we did a story on the rapper that did not involve adding another image to our gallery of DMX mug shots.


Look at that monkey run! Proving once again that black males are more often then not-on the DL !!


Good lord, DMX Please stop the drugs and insanity and get some fucking Professional help. I think you're a talented man but you really are letting your demons get the better of you! You'll be in my thoughts.

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