Dexter Finale Lambasted by Critics, Sets Showtime Ratings Record

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SPOILER ALERT: The following article reveals storylines from the Dexter series finale.

SECOND SPOILER ALERT: It was terrible.

An appropriate ending to a disappointing final run of episodes, "Remember the Monsters" randomly killed off Deb and concluded with Dexter faking his own death because he believed such a fate would ensure the future safety of Hannah and Harrison.

Who were left abandoned by Dexter and roaming the streets of Argentina on their own.

Dexter Finale Pic

But despite severe critical backlash, the Dexter finale raked in viewers.

It actually set a Showtime record with 2.8 million households tuning in for the 9 p.m. showing, the most ever for an original series on that network.

That doesn't mean everyone who watched was pleased with the outcome, of course. What did you think of the concluding episode? Give it a grade now:


The finale was dreadful. It's hard to imagine a show that was great for so many years going out with such a horrible, depressing final episode (not to mention a lousy 8th season overall). It was illogical, unnecessary, and an insult to Dexter fans everywhere.


don't take this serious.........................ALL MADE UP!!


I absolutely loved Dexter and I hated to see it go. But it went out in a way that was most appropriate for his character. This was one hell of an iconic Tv show. I will miss it.

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