Dakota Johnson, Charlie Hunnam Cast as Leads in Fifty Shades of Grey

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Let the speculation end.

And the debate begin.

Following weeks of rumors and fake trailers, Dakota Johnson and Charlie Hunnam have been cast as the leads in the big screen adaption of Fifty Shades of Grey.

They will portray Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey, respectively.

Johnson, the daughter of actors Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith, is a 23-year old former model who appeared in The Social Network and the Fox sitcom Ben and Kate.

She reportedly beat out such major names for the role as Emma Watson and Shailene Woodley.

Hunnam, meanwhile, is best known for playing Jax Teller on FX's Sons of Anarchy and earned the gig over stars such as TVD's Ian Somerhalder.

Author E.L. James confirmed the news via Twitter. Now it's time to react:

Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele: A good fit for the movie?

Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey: A good fit for the movie?


They got it all wrong!!


What?!?! Who are these people?! And the dude isn't even that hot! He is not what I pictured Christian Grey to look like; not even close.

@ Leslie

He's a legit actor and the Sons was a great show.. He will do well.

@ Sims

The show is good, he is not. His performance in Pacific Rim was a joke. He is a too bit actor just jumping at a chance to make a name for himself, so he can get off the show he feels stuck on. He heard the word cheap and jumped at it. This film is going to flop. CG is supposed to be drop dead gorgeous, this guy is mediocre at best in both his acting and his looks.

@ D

Now with that being said, I doubt I will sleep a wink but as long as you are happy, that's what matters most!

Christie kocian

Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey.....he isn't even handsome. And Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele......I would have rather had Emma Watson.....she is so much prettier.


I agree ir sucks! The best part is how they describe them. Who ever cast them is stupid. I hope the movie flops. It will serve them right for not even trying to cast the right people. I could understand why the big names in acting would not want to do this. Ian would have even been better that this guy. He is not tall, dark of handsome. Is is the opposite of Christian Grey he could have played Hyde though.


this sucks ass!!!!!!!!!!!!! the girl from Gilmore girls should have played Anastasia and Chris pine should played christian


this makes sense... Melanie Griffiths had to make some sexy movies before she became respectable, so why not her daughter?

@ Lol

Yeah, and look where it got Melanie now.

@ Rebuttal Says,

Rich and famous?
What do u want, she's ancient now.

@ Big+daddy

Correction, Ancient and facially disfigured and nolonger getting interesting leading female roles!


This sucks! Hopefully they didn't just kill the movie with a bad cast!


I am totally against ! How can a terrible choice to play Anu Dakota Christian look at it yet but you might think it's just a terrible choice ! have above all reconsider again !!!


Although I still think Ian Somerhalder would have been a better choice for Christian, I can see Charlie as Christian! I think Dakota will do a fine job as Ana! I'm super excited and can't wait to see the movies! I've read the books over 50 times! Can't stop reading them!


Maybe Dakota could pass for Ana, But Sorry Charlie, I really don't see him as Christian Grey....

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