Chrissy Teigen Wedding: Where Was Kim Kardashian?!?

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Brooklyn Decker was the Maid of Honor.

Erin Andrews was a bridesmaid.

And yet with both of these beauties playing a role in Chrissy Teigen's wedding to John Legend over the weekend, Kim Kardashian managed to once again steal the spotlight...

... by not even showing up!

As explained in the above video, Kanye West was forced to attend the ceremony alone because Kim was home with little North West.

One, of course, could take this as a sign of maturity on Kim's part, of her embracing the role of motherhood and not wanting to leave her three-month old with a nanny for even 24 hours.

But the cynics may wonder whether Kardashian was simply avoiding an event because she's ashamed of her body and/or has signed a deal that forbids her from showing her post-baby body in public until she's posed for a magazine cover.

Kim has not made any public appearances since giving birth on July 15, with at least one report claiming her body rollout plan has backfired. Will people even care when she surfaces again?

And will her friendship with Teigen be affected by this no-show?

So many Kim Kardashian-based questions. So few answers that should matter to anyone.

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Chrissy Teigen Wedding: Where Was Kim Kardashian?!?
Hh yeah baby! It made my day!
Good luck!


The people who write these articles are something else cuz they Know Kim is filming KUWTK so Kim probably can't leave LA and Kanye is not on the show so they know exactly why Kim didn't go


No one really cares. Why does the media keep forcing these people on the public that's screaming at them to go away already?!


She gave birth JUNE 15th


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http://cort.­as/5m3N everyone needs to shit once in a while........Even Kim, folks!!


I'm sure no one missed Kim...even Kanye.


I like the "was forced to attend the ceremony alone because Kim was with North". According to reports they are bringing this baby on a rap tour soon. They could have brought the baby and the nanny with them. Now I read that Kanye is in London, alone.


Erin Andrews was suppose to be a bridesmaid when the wedding was suppose to be in the Spring or Summer! She wasn't at the wedding as on Sat her College Football show starts at 7:00 am &over at 9:00. Then on a plane to fly to Florida to work Sunday NFL game! So she missed it but they were understanding about her schedule!


Really HG, will people even care. This is the stupidest article, and website ever, don't write an article on her if you're going to be rude

@ Taylor

Then why are you here, commenting?


everyone needs to shit once in a while........Even Kim, folks!!