Chris Brown: Officially the Worst Neighbor EVER

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Chris Brown is the worst neighbor ever. Anywhere he goes.

He's even a menace on vacation, recently throwing a huge house party with his crew at a rented Hawaiian mansion, enraging neighbors in the process.

Brown was in Hawaii last week for a show, and rented a sick pad in Honolulu at $2,450 per night. The first night, its owner received phone call complaints.

The landlord put him on notice, but didn't give Chris the boot, and maybe he even took the hint, because fortunately, there were no further incidents!

Until he got home, and his L.A. neighbors called the cops.

Yeah, Chris Brown and noise complaints go together like Chris Brown and hit songs, Chris Brown and graffiti, Chris Brown and Karrueche or Chris Brown and Twitter rants.

See above.

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U r a racist. Whites are faggots. Most of the whites folks don't like Chris because he don't support their crap. He's a world changer and he has to stand up for his rights. Let the neighbours mind their own damn business. U all can't win him so u all better join him. Chris is the most talented artiste in this generation and u all trying to brin him down. As u usually do black folks or whites with black culture. No one stopping him. He's a dream turn into reality and NO ONE CAN STOP HIM. WHO GOD BLESS NO MAN CURSE!!!!!!

@ breezy

OMG.Chris threw a party?How dare he.Don't know if this is racism or people just being A-holes.That one incident is an excuse for the perfect ones to rag on him forever.Agree ,Chris is so talented/Singing & Dancing like nobody else but M.J


typical ghetto trash. that's why whites move out when blacks move in.

@ SoReal

Typical? Chris Brown?
Racial put downs seem to be a typical way to deal with Envy.


it's so bad he needs to buy friends like cars.


I believe that.

@ Kimberly

You do believe it & with all your heart? Ha! You up late tonight huh? Staring out the picture window watching traffic on a balmy night? Well.... Carry on K!

@ Sims


@ Sims

To be brutally honest, I'd very much like to spend most of my time talking to you. You're more interesting to than staring out a window. Grant it, it's 2:43 am and I'm almost certain you won't even respond or come back to see what I've written.....but in case you do, you should. know that I've reconsidered giving you my number. Unless you want to keep "marinating" ie dragging your feet on things. Who am I kidding, you're never gonna see this or respond. SMH.

@ Kimberly

BTW - if and when the time comes, there will be a special place to leave that # - ok?

@ Kimberly

U do it when your ready and only then. If you don't it doesn't mean I will flee or no longer look forward to your message. Do not feel pressured or impatient, - ok?