Chris Brown Likens Himself to Trayvon Martin, Says Jay Z Gets a "Pass"

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In a new interview with JET, Chris Brown compares himself to Trayvon Martin and says that Jay Z, despite his own shady past, gets a pass from the media.

The star, claiming shared experiences with Martin, says, “I identify with Trayvon 100 percent as far as living in 2013 and still dealing with blatant racism.”

“This generation is so used to racism that it’s normal; we don’t care. We aren’t on drugs or catching AIDS, but they still look at us as n--gas,” Brown adds.

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As for his reputation, the singer claims he's unfairly singled out.

“No disrespect, because I’m a fan, but nobody brings up the fact that [Jay Z] stabbed somebody and sold drugs,” observes Brown. “He gets a pass.”

Regardless of how you feel about that comparison, Brown’s anger issues are well-documented, and he says he's worked hard to overcome them:

“You have to go through the struggle before you can get to the good part. I don’t try to last out at people, or be as mad or impulsive as I used to be.”

Overwhelmed by scrutiny, Brown feels as if he’s been pushed over the edge, and appears to liken himself to a slave with the following comment:

“I got to the point where it’s only so much you can take from the master, you feel me?” he asks JET. “I’ve taken my fair share of lashings.”

Regarding the unending Rihanna and Karrueche situation, he says, "Relationships are the most difficult part" for him, but he's handled them like a man.

"I was honest with those two girls and I put out that video (above)," he says.

Brown, who calls himself single now, admits, "My ex and I broke up because of the 'situation' and she had moved on. I fell in love with another girl."

"Then my ex came back, so it was like, 'What is a man to do?'"

"I told them both the truth. I didn’t do the sucker role." 

What do you think of Chris Brown's comments regarding Rihanna, Karrueche, Jay Z and Trayvon Martin, the unarmed teen who was shot and killed in 2012?

Share your opinions with us below ...


In spite of the fact he may have misbehaved during his career, he's right about Jay Z. He's a guy treated like royalty today although when he was the age of Chris, he engaged in worse behavior of which he mentions his selling of drugs. Chris is trying to be a better person and should be encouraged in that direction rather than eternally put down.


JAY-Z WAS A LOW DOWN POS. HE SOLD DRUGS TO PREGNANT WOMAN AND WAS VIOLENT AND YOU LOSERS BOUGHT YOUR KIDS HIS CDs???? Same with biggie smalls:/ smh this world is hypocritical. But that color crap is bull. Nobody thinks low of Tyler Perry

@ lynn

As long as white people keep explaining that they are not racist these accusations will continue. If your not racist then quit apologizing for racism. Blacks are playing the race card and they will ALWAYS try to make you think it's your racism that's the problem. It gives them opportunity to keep doing their own racist shit. Quit feeding the people ammunition , who are the real ones to black


He is black, he plays the race card and for that he has no remorse.


I don't understand what part of you beat ur girlfriend? There's never been one ounce of remorse from him.. He's an arrogant, entitled jerk who goes out of his way to start & be involved in trouble! Grow up!


What his stupid ass doesn't realize is, whites look at statistics, that's if some of us are to stupid to look around for ourselves. 70% of black mothers are raising kids on their own, that in itself is a problem, blacks murder people 10 times more than Hispanics or whites- THAT'S A FACT! Then you have car jackings, street corner drugs etc. blacks cannot come to terms with THE FACTS! Your dropout rate is enormous. There is a reason someone suspected Martin- IT'S CALLED REPUTATION! You want it stopped? Tell your people to clean up their reputation! Until then you will be treated as what you appear to be.

@ Sims

Even Cosby said they need to rise above it. The Jewish nation is going around in government housing blaming what happened in the early 1900s . Basically most Jewish existence is slavery

@ lynn

I meant isn't. The Jewish community isn't blaming others

@ lynn

LYNN- this is what I know- ALL OTHER RACES find a way to be self supportive , BUT NOT BLACKS! Asians live well and they haven't been here long. Blacks blame others, they have been doing this forever. Blacks will always struggle because they cannot take care of their youth and they do not respect order! They are in last place in the overall society! It's sad and it's true!!!! They pull each other down!

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