Charlie Hunnam on Fifty Shades of Grey Sex Scenes: Been Preparing For a Lifetime!

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Charlie Hunnam may not have been fans' ideal choice to play Christian Grey, but the Fifty Shades of Grey movie star may be a better fit than many realize.

During an interview with E! News, he was asked about the nudity, S&M and feverish sex that will go down between Christian and Anastasia Steele.

"I spent a lifetime preparing myself for that," he said with a smile.

In all seriousness, Hunnam says he has great chemistry with Dakota Johnson and it's "incredibly exciting" to play E.L. James' character on screen.

"He's a very complex, fascinating character and I feel really excited and delighted to be entrusted with the job of bringing him to life and its a big responsibility."

"He's a beloved character and millions and millions of people," he adds of the rabid fan base. "it's a big responsibility to take it on but I didn't do it lightly.

"I did a lot of research and I did a lot of thinking about it and feel confident that I have a way to bring him to life that will be fun and exciting and honest."

As for the nudity and sex required by the Fifty Shades of Grey movie role, "it's just part of the job," the man playing the bad boy billionaire says.

"It's what's so exciting about this job as an actor is you go out and get to experience things you normally wouldn't have an opportunity to experience."

"I never thought I was going to be rolling around with motorcycle clubs and riding a Harley and feeling this level of brotherhood like I was part of a motorcycle club."

"I never thought I'd be engaging in S&M either, but that's kind of part of the wonderful journey of being an actor is you get to experience these things."

Fans will get to witness Hunnam experiencing these things on Sons of Anarchy Season 6, starting tonight, and in Fifty Shades of Grey in August 2014.

Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey ...


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My problem with Charlie is that he looks too old. He looks his age of 33, he doesn't look 27/28 at all. 6 years can make a big difference. Dakota too. She is young but looks well into her 30s! Not to mention her features and body are all wrong for Ana as well...ugh.


"Hustler" still makes the differennce, folks!!

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