Britney Spears on Miley Cyrus: SHE'S ON FIRE!

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Britney Spears is weighing in again on how awesome Miley Cyrus is in her mind. Having witnessed the latter's recent antics, the former says she's on fire!

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Miley Cyrus Twerking at the VMAs last month caused a lot of controversy, but Britney has been there, done that, and says it's all a part of growing up.

"She is on fire right now, she's just a ball full of energy," Brit told Extra.

"I remember that age when I was just transferring into my career and doing more controversial things and the energy you feel, all this chaos going on."

This isn't the first time Spears has come to Cyrus' defense.

On GMA this week, she said "I think anytime you do a performance that is that memorable, you're going to have criticism. I think she's doing her thing."

"She's being herself, so I give props to her."

Miley actually went to Brit for some guidance before the VMAs, and their meeting was recorded for Cyrus' upcoming documentary Miley: The Movement.

"You're always gonna make people talk," Miley Cyrus told Britney Spears. "You might as well make them talk for like two weeks rather than two seconds."

If that was your goal, Miles? Well played.

Robin Thicke's wife, Paula Patton, has also come to her defense regarding the VMA Twerkfest, which is significant in that her man's groin was the recipient.

In other Cyrus news, she's reportedly dating Mike Will Made It, posing nude on the cover of Bangerz, hitting #1 on the charts and more. She can't stop.


yep, her Farts are too hot to handle, folks!!


Miley will always be in Britney's shadow. Despite the internal issues that Brit's wrestled with in the past, she has an attractive appearance, a sexy girlish appeal that conveys her charming innocence. Miley seems to be trying too hard, using raunch and sleaze to cover her her boyish figure and mediocre singing and dancing abilities. I'll give her a few months more but the public will soon see that there's nothing of substance there.

@ SuperWittySmitty

I agree- she has the NEW "WHAT'S THIS ALL ABOUT" thing going for her. She can't sing and she's nothing to look at. JANUARY 1 2014 she's toast. Being a raunchy nasty bitch is something you can find on any corner. I can't wait till she drops.

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