Brad Pitt Sort of Crashes Couple's Wedding in England

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Brad Pitt may still have a lot to learn from Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, but the actor did help make a bride and groom's wedding day even more special this weekend.

On Friday, Daniel and Abi Lingwood celebrated their nuptials at the Stoke Park Hotel in Buckinghamshire… where Pitt happened to be having a business meeting while in town for his upcoming film Fury.

Abi said her husband "dragged" her across the premises when he heard the actor was at the the bar and that Pitt was "very accommodating" in posing for a photo and wishing the pair congratulations.

"The papers at home are saying that Brad crashed our wedding reception, but to be fair, we crashed [his] meeting!" Abi joked to E! News.

Of course, the real question is why Pitt was not at home in the first place. With Angelina Jolie risking her life for another baby, you'd think the Oscar nominee would be spending time with his family.


I guess I have learned not to be star-struck. My mate would never do this either. Who gives a fuck if Brad Pitt is where my wedding is being held? I'd care more about that than getting wedding photos with the actor! People need to grow up. IT'S YOUR WEDDING. And you care so much about making YOUR day include a famous face just because they're there? He was a good sport, but he is just a person! People's priorities are jacked up. Getting a gander at him is understandable... I get being star-struck, okay. But there are limits.


What? He couldn't find a gay couple?

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