Billy Ray Cyrus Reacts to "Wrecking Ball," Gushes Over Miley's "God Given Talent"

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Billy Ray Cyrus is once again standing up for his daughter.

After defending Miley as his "little girl" not long after her racy Video Music Awards routine, the country singer appeared on Entertainment Tonight yesterday and was asked about the elephant in the room.

The naked, crying, swinging-on-a-wrecking-ball elephant that is his 20-year old daughter in hew new video.

Billy Ray Cyrus in Los Angeles
Miley Cyrus in High Boots

"I'm a song man," Cyrus said. "I come from the old school where it starts with an artist and a song...colliding if you a moment where the song, the singer, the producer, the band and the listener become one."

Well, sure. Of course. Preach on, Billy Ray...

"It wouldn't have mattered if Miley would have worn jeans and a flannel shirt... a Tux...or a nun's habit. The song's a smash...and her performance vocally on the tune reflects her roots and sheer God given talent."

Some may argue with that assessment, of course, but it's similar to Miley's own explanation for the "Wrecking Ball" video.

In a radio interview Wednesday morning, the singer asked viewers to focus on her tears over her titties.

"If people can take their minds off the obvious and go deeper into their imagination and see what the video really means, it is so vulnerable," she said. "It was much more of an emotional experience."

But will this be the final straw for some fans? Will they see Cyrus as more of a publicity generator than an actual artist? As the following video puts it, will the latest stunt take a wrecking ball to Miley's career?


If she were my kid I would also have an ACHY BREAKY HEART.....not a great role model Hannah.




Well I think she is trashy and can't sing worth crap. Her dad is tone deaf. And that hairstyle that is trying to rock only makes her look more like a just beiber look alike.

@ Ashley

Love the hog bit you hit the nail on the head

@ Ashley

Having been a drummer, I know that those with no talent of their own,will cut down those who do as a desparate attempt to insult you.It doesn't work.


Billy must be tone death or just a devoted father , He voice is not pleasent to listen to at all ... she sings through her nose or at least thats the way it sounds to me ............. sorry Billy


Well,I'm sure the sales will show if anybody thinks she has talent. She won't get any of my money.


My problem with her is that she has young fans. I really don't care that she does all this outrageous stuff but she needs to realize that she has a younger audience. It wouldn't be as bad if it were only an adult audience but she is supposed to be someone teens can look up to and I'm sorry but I DO NOT and NEVER WILL want my 14 year old idolizing someone who does nude videos and dances like that on stage.

@ LSC2013

I have great respect for you as a Dad....


People may not like the video or Miley or her singing but Billy Ray is doing what any good parent would do, supporting his child.

@ Snup

Not really. If he was a good parent then he would've warned her about the consequences of her actions and not let her run around like an idiot.

@ Soy Bomb

She's not a child that he can control. She is a young woman who is going to do what she wants no matter what anyone says. He IS being a good parent by remaining a source of support for her after she makes her own choices and mistakes. Not saying I'm crazy about her behavior. But Billy Ray doesn't have to like her choices. He just has to be the father that she can turn to after she makes the wrong ones. Who knows? Maybe he DID warn her against this but he's just not publicizing it because then it'd make him appear as if he were against his daughter. Just saying. :)


that's why he looks so down?

Amy cook

Sorry, her "so called" talent does not override her trashy behavior. Another thing is, money does not buy you class, nor respect, your actions do. No wonder this child's head is so messed up, it seems anything goes in this family, His daughter is a train wreck in progress... Mr. Grow a pair and help her find her way out of this mess...BE A FATHER instead of an pathetic enabler.


I love Miley no matter what, I grew up watching her, as did i grow up with her in my own way and choices, and still love her as a artist. Some fans gave up, Look at lady gaga as a example, she came out with crazy motivations as a artist. Miley started out different. These are her choices as a artist, and I like her music way more then I did in the past. Ever since Can't be tamed i became even a larger fan. She will always have me has a huge fan of hers now since her change.

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