Ashley Horn Slammed By Michael Lohan, Called "Pathetic" and "Stalkerish"

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Michael Lohan is speaking out about his 18-year-old love child Ashley Horn's plastic surgery, which she says she got to look like a "hotter" Lindsay Lohan.

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    Get real! This girl and her mother are attention whores. I cant stand to watch them. I can see right through them. Id I was Michael I would want nothing to do with her rude, disrespectful self!! She passed her lie detector test and all this is not true BUT I still dont like her. She needs to go sit down somewhere. Nobody is running behind a 18 year old to kiss ass but a fool! Good for you Michael!!


    Okay, I watched the Trisha Goddard show where she and her mother appeared along with Michael Lohan in which he indeed fathered Ashely. Whats funny is all the negative things she said about the family saying the "Lohan Curse" yet she under goes surgery to look just like her sister she despise. Who wants to look in the mirror and see someone they think so negatively about? Ashley even said when asked by Trish Goddard do she think being the daughter of Michael will help your career, her response to that question was also negative. What the hell is she thinking, i liked her but now I just think she is down right ridiculous and possibly suffering from some illness. Shame on her mother for allowing such situation to happen. She looks completely different, now she looks like the Lohan's mother and thats not even Ashely's mother. SMH!!!! WTF!!!!!


    Michael you prick...this your daughter sorry she's not dinas ...sorry she not rich asshole.. what f...face says this crap to their child?

    @ lynn

    Who cares!!! He dont have to put up with her BS!! Rich or poor. She needs to check her negative personality. I dont feel bad for her, I feel bad for Michael!

    @ lynn

    The same son of a bitch who denied her very existence in the first place. If she were famous and as pretty as Lindsay, then he'd care. But because she's not he could care less. This is all an attempt on her part to get his attention and affection. He's a piece of shit for sure. And she's just seriously mentally damaged and sick.

    @ WTF?

    You're right. She thinks if she looks like Lindsey, then they will care about her. Her dad will care about her.

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