Ashley Horn Plastic Surgery Photo: Michael Lohan's Daughter Wants to Look Like a "Hotter" Lindsay!

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Lindsay Lohan's newly-confirmed half sister Ashley Horn wants to look just like her. Aww. Michael Lohan's daughter just dropped $25,000 with that in mind.

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    I hope and pray that everyone out there just finished watching the newest show on Trisha Goddard. This show revealed, along with a polygraph test results, that Ashley did NOT have this plastic surgery to look like Lindsay. That was the story sold by the PR person hired by the plastic surgeon in TX. Nor did she pay Anything at all for this surgery and the rhinoplasty was the only surgery she wanted. The surgeon talked her into all the others and now we know why. Boy oh boy were they looking for an angle and I guess they got one. Wonder if they are worried Ashley will sue them for Fraud, Public Misrepresentation, Intentional infliction of mental and emotional cruelty.


    She couldn't beat Lindsay even on Lindsay's worst day. For starters a hook doesn't beat a schwoop, and that's the nose. Next she has an inferior body top in relation to her competition. She has nothing to work with, I pity the plastic surgeon. Boobs, Arms, jawline, bu---not to mention that awesome smile Lindsay has. Good luck to her.


    Oh god she ruined her beauty! Sick!


    Anyone else can tell that these are two different people. The after picture had freckles, different ears, and the eyebrows aren't the same. Good try tho.

    @ Jamie

    LOL!! Those are supposed to be 2 different people- one is the sister, the one with freckles is LiLo. It's for comparison....


    Never heard of her. No wonder Dina Lohan drinks.


    Weirdest case of identity theft I've ever heard.


    That is soooooo scary. What will they think of next.


    Ause one is ash and the other is lindsay...


    If she thinks shes hotter then lindsey why is she trying to look just like her sounds fu..ked up....??


    anyone notice how there are freckles in the "after" picture on the shoulder and upper arm, but not in the "before" picture?


    First off, Ashley is probably just as messed up as the rest of the family, regardless to whether or not she has the addict gene in her makeup or not. At least Lindsay is attempting to get herself together. I just hope she sticks to it. And I hope that her sister gets the help she needs too. She is way too psychologically damaged for words....I mean clearly she hates her older sister but she wants to be like her because she really wants her fathers attention and affection. So fucking transparent....SMH, RME.

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