America's Got Talent Results: Who Won?!?

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Take a bow, Kenichi Ebina. You have the most talent in the country.

Following a summer of dazzling performances on NBC, this unique dancer was named the America's Got Talent champion last night, a few weeks after Howie Mandell named him the front runner, gushing over his unmatched abilities.

"It's amazing," Kenichi said after his victory. "I want to thank my wife and my daughter [for] being supportive all the way through and all the fans that support us."

Ebina defeated Taylor Williamson in the final vote, earning himself $1 million and a Las Vegas show in the process.

"I really do think Kenichi really deserves to win," Howard Stern said on Sirius radio after the finale. "I think the guy is an incredible talent, and for two reasons he deserves to win. Number one, he was great all season. And number two, he creates [his own material]...with singers who sing other people's songs, half of the challenge is over."

Do you agree with Stern's assessment? Did Kenichi Ebina deserve to win America's Got Talent?


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I'm glad Kinnichi won! He has talent that comprises of creativity, technicality, choreography... No one even came close in comparison. Singing is so overrated- there are enough reality shows that reward that talent. I'm so glad a real different kind of talent won. Can't wait to see him in Vegas. By the way, I much rather see an hour show of his production than magic shows or comedy. Once again, overdone.


I agree that you MUST be an American citizen to win AGT. I was really upset with the judges for giving their opinions on who Should win. Not very professional. Towards the end the judges were very annoying.


Kenichi is a great talent..... However... Name of show is Americas Got Talent..... I can't believe that the most votes made in this country were for someone from Japan when you had a 17 year old with such talent.... As well as the others in the finals

@ Don

If he's an American citizen, then he deserves to be an American. Personally, I find Stein and Howie irritating. And i'd vote opposite anything they'd plug!!

@ Nelly

Oh, I meant he'd deserve to win AGT, if an American citizen.


Don't think Kenichi will hold up in Vegas, same moves, just different back grounds and to build a show around that? Can;t see it happening. On the other hand the 17 yr. old Magician has it all and should have won this hands down. Kenichi was great for what he can do, but don't think he can fill an hour show or even a 1/2 hour show. Cami was also very talented and enjoyable to watch and both are Americans! Don't think non citizens of the U.S. should be allowed on a show called AMERICA'S GOT TALENT!


Yes, it is America's got talent and should be limited to American Citizens only! I personally feel the 17 yr. old Magician showed more talent and could actually create a Las Vegas show better than anyone on the show. He is the whole package, Talent, Demeanor, Looks, the kid has it all. Also thought Cami was excellently talented singer and performer.


How in the world did Jimmy Rose reach (3), you've got to be kidding me. Seriously, he is not worthy of (3), should not even have reached the finals. Voters think he is more talented than Cami, Forte, etc. What a SHAM, Makes me think if I want to watch next season. Jimmy Rose comes in 3rd, what a joke. He does not have a recording voice and butchered Garth Brooks songs.

@ Wm+Smale

Jimmy Rose sure could use the money!! And I liked his coal mining song!! And I'm sure many miners did across the country!!


How in the world did Jimmy Rose come in 3rd. You've got to be kidding me. This tells me AGT is political. Rose should never have even made it to the finals. He sucked, plain and simple. His voice is not appealing, but he also has gotten attitude thinking he's somebody to be reckoned with. Please!!!!! And===This is America Got Talent, Americans, this is not a international competition


I think Taylor or Jimmy Rose. should have won True Americans. Entertainers that really could have used our American dollars. I hate seeing American Dollars going to other countries. It is called America's Got Talent. There should be rules on where the talent comes from and who can compete.


Even though Kenichi was very's America's Got Talent. Why are foreigners competing? The money won't stay in American since his family is in Japan. How is this helping our economy?

@ T Cane

Come on Denise, Jimmy Rose should never have reached the finals, he butcher'd Garth Brooks songs. He will not do well as a country recording artist. he does not have an appealing voice, and he's already got attitude. Your telling me he was more talented than Cami or Forte??? Cami puts his talent to shame, clear and simple. I'm country, but Jimmy Rose was a sham

@ Wm+Smale

He did not butcher Garth Brooks song..however singing with the country guy last night..he was a lil weak!!


I thought the title of the show was AMERICA'S got talent..... Is Kenichi even a citizen???? Why is his wife and daughter in Japan..... That's where the million will go....... he should take his talent to Japan....